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writing tablet leapfrog

Leapfrog writing tablet

Electronic writing tablets for kids are a great way to teach children how to write. These writing tablets for children are fantastic learning tools that teach children not only their ABCs and to recognize numbers but also how to properly write letters. They are also highly interactive and feature games that keep children having fun all while learning how to write.

Children's writing tablets are devices that have a touch screen and an electronic pen (or stylus) attached to the device that children use to write letters. They are usually very sturdy meaning that they can fall on the floor and be thrown around and still work properly. We recommend two pre-k and kindergarten writing tablets that can even be used by first grade children who are still learning how to write. Our first choice is the LeapFrog Scribble and Write (ages 3-5) because it has various learning modes depending on the child's age and level. Our second recommendation is the VTech Write And Learn Touch Tablet (ages 3 to 6) for its design and because children can either use their finger or the stylus provided. See also:

Children's encyclopedias, picture books and comics

Encyclopedias designed for children such as the DK First Encyclopedia are full of engaging images and encourage children to read and even more importantly, to learn. There is also an electronic version of this encyclopedia called the DK Children's Encyclopedia which contains audio and over 100 videos that explain words and definitions. The encyclopedia covers a whole range of subjects such as nature, history, geography, science, etc.

dr seuss alphabet

Dr Seuss alphabet book

Children usually shun books but they tend to enjoy books containing lots of images. And they also like animals! Picture books and animal books are ways that you can get children to acquire reading skills and enjoy reading. Some picture books are actually designed to teach children the letters of the alphabet and how to read and recognize words.

Comic books are also another way to get children to enjoy reading. Parents shouldn't shun comic books. Disney comics are great and they can encourage children to read.

We recommend the classic Carl Barks Disney comics which feature the famous characters Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck and the very popular Don Rosa Disney comics written in the 1990s.

Notice how comic books often use animal characters in order to catch children's attention.
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Activities to learn to read and write

There are many fun reading activities that children can participate in that help them develop reading skills (check our Reading with Flashcards reading activity). There are also books with reading activities that you can get online and that are also used by teachers such as a book called the Instant Independent Reading Response Activities. The book contains 50 reading activities for kids grades 2-4. The activities help children not only develop both reading and writing skills but also increase their interest in reading. There are reading activities books that we recommend such as the Big Book of Reading Response Activities and the Reading Management Kit.
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