Animal Books for Children

Children love animals. And animal books for children are a great way to draw younger children’s interest in reading. Have you noticed how younger children are so fascinated by animals?
Skills developed
Reading skills
Knowledge of animals
Respect of nature
From an early age, they adore these furry little faces. They play with stuffed animals or watch Disney cartoons with animal characters. Children also love going to the zoo. And books featuring stories about animals are always among the children’s favorite books and children usually find them very enjoyable.

When they are very young and still can’t read, they just love looking at the images of various animals. These books can also help toddlers develop their motor skills as they imitate the various animals that they see. Children will probably love any animal book that you offer them.

Another advantage of animal books for children is that they can have an educational value. They can introduce children to the letters of the alphabet and teach them how to read. They can help children gain knowledge in different subjects. For example, they can learn about where animals live and increase their general knowledge. Animal books for children can also help kids gain wisdom and values as they read about different animal stories. Children also learn to care about animals and to respect nature and the environment. In a world where many animals are under extinction, respect of nature is a good value to have.

Classic picture books

barn cartoonFor babies and preschool children, we recommend the Big Red Barn. Definitely the best farm book around. Children get to see farm animals, how they play together and eat in the meadow. It contains beautiful illustrations of the big red barn and the landscapes surrounding it and the story takes place both during the day and at night.

good dog cartoonGood Dog Carl (ages 4-8) is one of the classic picture books and is a captivating story of a dog called Carl and a baby. The story begins with the mother leaving the house and asking Carl to look after the baby. Carl looks out the window to make sure she is gone. Then the baby climbs on Carl’s back and they both are having a blast. Good Dog Carl is one of the classic picture books and has sold more than 200,000 copies worldwide.

treasury of horsesAnother of the classic picture books containing animals is Marguerite Henry Treasury of Horses. It is for older children (ages 9-12). The book is about the relationship between a horse and a person and how a horsed can change a person’s life. Marguerite Henry's stories are considered to be among the greatest horse tales ever told. That is why we highly recommend this book.

babe pig cartoon We also recommend Babe: The Gallant Pig. One of the classic picture books that also won many awards including Boston Globe - Horn Book honor book. It is the story of pig who is trying to save his neck. The book contains a lot of wisdom and speaks about how we should treat fellow beings. Another reason why it ranks among the top works of children’s literature.

Alphabet books

alphabet dinosaur cartoonAnimal books for children can also introduce children to the letters of the alphabet. An alphabet book to treasure is The Dinosaur Alphabet Book. Designed for children ages 4-8, it helps children review their alphabet. Children usually are fascinated by dinosaurs, so this book can entice their to learn letters. The pictures are beautiful and the book contains lots of interesting information about dinosaurs.

alphabet animals cartoonAnother classic alphabet book is Furry Animal Alphabet Book (ages 4-8). The illustrated animals are sure to draw kids attention and children can learn a great deal about animals. Another great aspect of the book is that it contains animals that children don’t usually hear of. Usually children are even more interested in animals that they’ve never heard of since they already know about basic animals. That’s one extra reason why we recommend this book.

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