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magnetic letters

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Letters

Preschool toys guide: toys that teach the alphabet

In this preschool toys guide, you will find toys and games that teach various skills to children that haven't yet reached school age. There are many toys that are fun and that can teach preschoolers the letters of the alphabet. For example, preschoolers love to play with stamp sets and alphabet stamps are a great way for them to learn the letters of the alphabet. Alphabet cards are also another way to learn the alphabet and they are often beautifully illustrated. Check out also our alphabet activities for other ways to teach children the alphabet.
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Toys and games to learn to read and count

Learning how to read and count early on is quite useful. Magnetic letters such as the Melissa & Doug magnetic letters are a lot of fun. Children love playing with magnetic letters on the fridge or the dishwasher and as they do they learn the letters of the alphabet and how to spell simple words like "cat", "mom" or even their own name. Picture books, tag books such as Get Ready for Kindergarten help children recognize words and acquire reading skills. There are also laptop computers for children and educational video games such as Mia's Reading Adventure or Reader Rabbit I Can Read With Phonics that teach reading, counting and more.
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Toys that help preschoolers develop motor skills and exercise

With building blocks, stacking toys and jigsaw puzzles children develop both motor skills and problem-solving skills. They also develop important social skills as they play with other children. By the way, there are also jigsaw puzzles such as the Melissa & Doug Jumbo ABC Chunky Puzzle and stacking toys that take the shape of numbers and the letters of the alphabet. Exercise is important as children develop their muscles and enhance their physical coordination skills. That's why we recommend ride on toys such as the Playskool Step Start Walk 'n Ride and toy basketball hoops designed for children ages 3-6.
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teaching time clock

Telly The Teaching Time Clock

Toys that teach them to tell time and to keep organized and matching games

Learning how to tell time and what date it is are also things that children can learn before they reach elementary school age. There are telling time games that teach children how to tell time and that familiarizes them with numbers. Chore charts for kids such as the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Responsibility Chart and calendars are also great as kids learn to read the date and to become organized.

Matching games help preschoolers improve their concentration and memory. Matching games consist in cards (with images or words or both) that are turned over and that kids have to match. If two cards are turned over and they don't match, the cards have to be turned down again. If kids can associate two cards, they then score points. Kids have to remember the hidden cards which enhances their memorization skills. They also have to concentrate and think in order to determine each pair. By the way, the Go Fish card game for kids (ages 3 and up) is also a memory and concentration game that we highly recommend!

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