Jigsaw Puzzle Games For Kids

Jigsaw puzzle games for all ages

Jigsaw puzzle games for kids can be played by children of all ages. They are puzzles designed just for toddlers, usually with large wooden puzzle pieces. They are games for preschool kids and also for children that have reached school age. Puzzle games for older children usually include a larger number of smaller pieces and more complex color patterns.

Puzzle games have many benefits. They can improve basic skills such as hand-eye coordination as younger children manipulate small objects. Children can also acquire spatial skills as they have to visualize a puzzle piece and to mentally rotate it to find the accurate fit.

They also promote the child's brain development. For example, they can increase children's perceptual skills, their ability to process information, analyze and solve problems. Puzzle games can also boost the child's self-image as he or she completes the puzzle.

Puzzles for preschool children

Ravenburger African Animals: the Ravenburger African Animals is made of large pieces and from the highest quality material. It features a serene Serengenti scene of zebras, monkeys, elephants, etc, perfect if you want your little one to learn about animals.

Melissa & Doug Jumbo ABC Chunky Puzzle: the Melissa & Doug Jumbo ABC Chunky Puzzle is an ideal first puzzle game. Designed for ages ages 3 to 6, it helps toddlers recognize letters and learn about the alphabet. Furthermore, the thick chunky puzzle pieces are specifically designed for small hands. If you're looking for a puzzle game for your little one, we really recommend this one. Other puzzle games for preschoolers:
If you are looking for puzzles, Puzzle Master has a large and unique collection of brain teasers & puzzles for sale. In addition they also carry chess, mechanical banks, puzzle books, magic trick books, boomerangs, etc. Visit: http://www.puzzlemaster.ca
geopuzzle world puzzle

Geopuzzle World Puzzle

Puzzles for school age children

For school age children (ages 6 and above), we recommend puzzles that can teach about history or geography. For example, as you child completes a puzzle with a map of the United States, he will familiarize himself or herself with the geography of the United States. A puzzle can also familiarize a child with a historical event. We recommend the World Puzzle by GEO Toys. It helps kids learn about world geography, learn about countries and cities and it won the Dr Toy Award.

GEO Toys offers 3 puzzles: the World Geopuzzle, the Geopuzzle US and Canada, and the Geopuzzle Europe:
Other themes can include astronomy, science, arts, literature, etc. They is a large variety of jigsaw puzzle games for kids that are fun and educational. See also:

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