GeoPuzzle World Puzzle

geopuzzle world puzzle


•  The GeoPuzzle World Puzzle contains 68 pieces and measures 26" x 12.5".
•  Each puzzle piece takes the shape of a country.
•  Kids acquire map skills and learn to locate countries and continents.
•  Award-winning puzzle.

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GeoPuzzle World Puzzle review

This fun world map puzzle is a great way to introduce kids to the geography of the world. By working on the puzzle, kids learn the names of the countries and continents and where they are located. It is one of our favorite geography puzzles and it has also earned many awards!

This puzzle contains just 68 pieces, therefore it is not too challenging and can be put together by a child starting from the age of 5. It measures 26" by 12.5" inches and the names of countries (195 countries) and continents ae clearly indicated.

What we like about this puzzle is the fact that the pieces are shaped like countries. Kids can not only learn where each country is located but also how it is shaped. By playing this educational puzzle game, kids acquire geography and map-skills in no time.

We also like the fact that the puzzle is good quality: the pieces are durable and nicely fit together. The map is accurate and up to date. The only downside is that the Artic and Antartic are not included. Also the puzzle is not as large as it could be but one should bear in mind that it contains only 68 pieces and that it is designed for younger children.

GeoPuzzle also has puzzles covering only continents: GeoPuzzle Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, etc. As your kid grows older (starting from the age of 8), he or she can work on more complicated puzzles containing 500 pieces such as the USA map puzzle which is focused on the geography of the United States and the World Map jigsaw puzzle. And as he or she grows even older, there are beautiful puzzles containing thousands of pieces. By the way, visit our page in our guide related to map puzzles for more information on puzzles that teach kids geography!

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