World Map Jigsaw Puzzle

world map jigsaw puzzle
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World map jigsaw puzzle containing 500 pieces and measuring 24" by 36".

Indicates the names of countries and continents.

Becomes a beautiful map of the world once completed.

This world map puzzle is more advanced than more basic puzzles such as the Melissa and Doug World Map Puzzle as it contains a larger number of pieces (500 pieces). We recommend it for children who are at least 8 years old bearing in mind that younger children could get frustrated with a puzzle game that is too difficult for their age.

The puzzle is quite large measuring 24" by 36". The pieces are thick and sturdy and interlock beautifully. The names of the countries, continents, oceans are all indicated. The colors are beautiful and show the mountains and valleys. The north and south poles are also shown. As kids spend hours working on the world geography puzzle, they learn the location of countries and continents. They also learn about the geography of each continent (for example, where mountains are located).

Kids can play together and work on the puzzle project with other kids, a great way to acquire social skills and to learn to work in a team. Parents can also get involved. You should not hesitate to use a world atlas as trying to figure out where some (small) countries are located can become quite tricky, even for adults!

The puzzle is truly beautiful once completed. Do not hesitate to frame it and to hang on a wall in the child's bedroom. Kids can admire it and memorize countries by looking at it everyday.

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