Basketball Toys for Kids

Basketball toys for kids help exercise and develop fine motor skills

Basketball toys for kids are lots of fun. Children love shooting baskets and playing with the ball. These toys can also help children ages 3 to 7 years old exercise, acquire a good sense of balance and develop their fine motor skills.

Playing with basketball hoop toys helps children develop fine motor skills because children have to have good hand-eye coordination and they have to throw the ball with precision. Closer to the age of 6, children can play with other children and learn how to catch and pass the ball, dribble and pivot.

The basketball hoop toys usually come with a toy basketball. The toy basketball is smaller so that it can fit in the child's hands. It is also made of materials that are safe and that do not hurt children. Basketball hoop toys are usually adjustable. The hoop can be lowered or raised which means that it can be adjusted to your child's height as he or she grows. Actually these toy hoops can be kept until the child reaches the age of 7.

Then it is more appropriate to get a proper portable basketball hoop and a bigger ball. By the way, for more information on basketball for kids ages 7 years old and above, please visit our kids basketball page.
basketball hoop toy

Adjust N' Jam basketball hoop toy

As you play with the basketball toy, you can just start with passing the ball to your child. After a few passes you can start shooting the basket. As a first step, you can show your little one how to shoot the ball with accuracy. Then have your kid have a try. To make the game more fun, you can even start counting the points. See the excitement and pride in your child's eyes as he or she manages to shoot the ball in the basket.

Children ages 4 to 6 can also practice bouncing the ball and dribbling. Basketball for 4 or 5 year olds is not about learning the rules of the game or playing with other teammates but more about learning the basics of basketball including shooting the hoop toy and learning how to bounce and pass the ball with their little hands.

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