Building Blocks

How toddlers develop various skills with building blocks

Building blocks help toddlers develop a range of skills including motor skills, problem solving skills and even social skills.

Motor skills: Building blocks help toddlers develop both fine and gross motor skills as children put blocks into place.

Problem solving skills: Being about shape, size and weight, building blocks play can become quite complex, which helps develop your little one develop problem solving skills.

Social skills: Building blocks can also help your child develop important social skills as he or she plays together with friends. Children can work on a project together and this teaches them to interact with each other.

Building blocks for babies

Which building blocks should you get? Blocks come in all shapes and sizes and can be made of plastic, metal or wood. They are building blocks for all ages. has selected some kids building blocks that help children develop skills. For babies, you should get soft building blocks with no sharp edges that are safe. They are usually made of different colors and present different patterns. We recommend the Foam Building Blocks by Verde. They include 100 brighlty colored geometric blocks. There are made of soft high density foam and they can be used by babies and toddlers to build structures of all shapes and sizes. For babies, we also recommend the Haba Fantasy Building Blocks.

By the way, for babies you can also get nesting cups which are stacked on top of each other. Usually nesting cups for babies are big so they can be picked using large muscle movements and they are light and soft so that they do not cause injury. By playing with the cups, babies explore size and shape.

fisher price stack learn

Fisher-Price Builders Stack 'n Learn Alphabet Blocks

Building blocks for preschoolers

As they get to preschool age, you can buy your kid wooden or plastic blocks. Building blocks for preschoolers are usually smaller. There are building blocks with numbers and letters that are fun and that can help your child learn. For example, the Fisher-Price Builders Stack 'n Learn Alphabet Blocks include building blocks with illustrated objects associated with a letter of the alphabet. Kids can build the alphabet, beginner words or just play stack up. We also recommend the Melissa and Doug Alphabet Blocks designed for children 2 and older, they also help learn the alphabet.

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