Tag Books for Kids

Tag books for kids to develop reading and writing skills

Tag books are a great way to develop reading and writing skills. With these books, children learn their ABCs and how to read words and develop many other skills as these books contain lots of educational games and activities. If you have a child who struggles with his or her reading and writing, a tag book could be the answer. Actually even struggling children as old as 10 have used this book and were able to gain confidence and improve on their reading skills.
leapfrog reading and writing system

Leapfrog Reading And Writing System

How do these books work?

Tag books produce sounds, for example, the sound of a letter or of a word, great for teaching your child the letters of the alphabet and how to read. They also teach children how to write with the tag system (a special pen used with the books). They contain fun and educational interactive activities and games. LeapFrog actually introduced tag books and has a variety of books for children of all ages from preschool to school age. In order to use them you need to have a LeapReader and LeapFrog's Tag Reading And Writing System.

For kindergarten children, LeapFrog has a tag book called Get Ready for Kindergarten (ages 4-8). This book prepares children to elementary school and teaches them how to read and count. There are many engaging activities and games that are also focused on science and social studies. Again make sure that you have the LeapFrog Tag Reading System and the LeapReader here as you won't be able to fully utilize the book without them.

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