Laptop Computers for Children

Fun learning activities with laptop computers for children

Laptop computers for children are fun and they can also be great educational tools. They can help kids learn the alphabet, build vocabulary and acquire reading skills. They can also teach kids how to count and recognize numbers. With laptop computers, kids participate in many fun learning activities. They also get an instructive introduction to using computers which helps them familiarize themselves with technology early on.

Baby laptops

There are laptop computers for all ages. There are even laptop computers for babies such as the Baby's First Laptop. Baby laptops usually play baby music. They look like a computer with a mouse, a number pad and even a floppy disc. They are baby safe and washable. These laptop computer toys stimulate the baby's senses and promote activity in the baby's brain.
leapfrog laptop for kids

LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

Laptop computers for preschool kids

There are also laptop computers for preschool / kindergarten children such as the LeapFrog My Own Leaptop. These laptop are usually more advanced than baby laptops. They open like a laptop, have a keyboard (sometimes even a proper Qwerty keyboard), a mouse. They are both lightweight and durable which means that they can handle being thrown on the floor. They usually teach children the letters of the alphabet, numbers, how to count, etc. The computer shows a letter and then produces the sound the letter of the alphabet makes. It also make children learn and recite their ABCs.

Laptop computers for school children

Computers for school age children such as the Discovery Kids Teach & Talk Exploration Laptop look like laptops for adults. They have a proper Qwerty keyboard, thereby teaching kids how to type. They have an LCD screen and feature a large number of learning activities that teach children various subjects such as science, geography, nature, etc.

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