Leapfrog Laptop My Own Leaptop

leapfrog laptop for kids


•  The Leapfrog laptop teaches children their ABCs.
•  USB cable to connect it to other computer and the internet.

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Leapfrog Laptop My Own Leaptop review

The LeapFrog laptop My Own Leaptop helps preschool and kindergarten children learn the alphabet using phonics meaning that children learn the sound the alphabet makes and learn to recite their ABCs. With this children’s laptop kids also practice their listening and reading skills. There are also various learning activities that teach kids to identify animals and their sounds. The Leaptop laptop opens like a proper laptop, is very durable and lighweight which also makes it a very travel-friendly toy. Another great feature of the toy is that it can be connected to the computer and to the internet with the included USB cable whichs allows you to customize the laptop.

Skills developed: alphabet, reading

The Leapfrog laptop is a fantastic electronic toy that teaches children their ABCs. By seeing the alphabet letters on the screen and hearing the sound that they make, children learn the letters of the alphabet.

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