Typing Games for Kids

Typing games for kids are fun and they can teach kids how to type. Acquiring keyboarding skills is essential in today's world. A child who acquires typing skills early will find it easier to use a computer as he or she grows up. Typing also allows children to express ideas faster than they would by writing.

How early can children learn how to type? Actually they can learn as young as 3 years old. Typing helps younger children develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Games focused on typing can also help children learn the alphabet and how to spell words early on.

Children can also help improve spelling skills. For example, there are games that ask kids to type specific words using the keyboard. In the process of typing a word, they learn how to spell it correctly.

Typing games for kids often feature characters from cartoons that kids like. For younger children, the games consist in a keyboard designed for children and a console that can be plugged in to the TV. For school age children, there are video games for PC meaning that children use a computer's keyboard to play the game.

clickstart my first computerA great typing game for younger children that we recommend is LeapFrog Clickstart My First Computer (ages 3-6). This game is very popular and has received positive reviews from parents. Clickstart teaches kids not only how to use a keyboard but also teaches them the letters of the alphabet, counting and various computer skills (kids also learn how to use a mouse). Another aspect of the Clickstart game that we like is that the games become more challenging as the child gets better. The console can be plugged in the TV and as with all Leapfrog products it is very durable and can withstand rough handling.

typing instructor For older children (ages 6 - 10), we recommend the video game Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum (both for Windows and Mac). The game plays like a video game and takes place on Typer Island. Kids travel around the island, they search for treasures and have to reach various locations such as the Castle or the Lost City. In order to reach these locations, they have to go through challenges that involve typing. For example, they score points depending on how fast and how accurately they can type a sentence. Therefore, kids acquire typing skills all while participating in fun and exciting adventures. The game is available in both English and Spanish.

It is amazing to see a child be able to type quickly and how these games can teach a range of skills not only typing skills but also the letters of the alphabet, spelling, computer skills and more. Adults can also enjoy these games.

For adults willing to acquire typing skills, there are also adult versions of Typing Instructor that are both fun and instructive!

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