Kindergarten Video Games

Kindergarten video games are more advanced than preschool video games. They help children acquire early reading skills, math skills and critical thinking.
reader rabbit kindergarten video game

Reader Rabbit Personalized Kindergarten Deluxe

Some recommended kindergarten video games

Reader Rabbit has a video game called Reader Rabbit Personalized Kindergarten Deluxe (for ages 4-6) which teaches a full range of skills. The game teaches kindergarten kids early reading, basic math, measurement, time concepts and more. This game is actually used in many kindergarten classes which is one reason why we recommend it to parents.

Jumpstart World Kindergarten (for ages 4-6) is a computer game that is certain to enthrall children with its beautiful 3D graphics. The game contains 30 educational games that can teach kids many subjects including reading, math, science and arts. Disney also has a video game for kindergarten children called Disney Learning Kindergarten Bundle (ages 4-6). The game involves the Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh characters and is an adventure game which offers many activities and different levels of play. It teaches primary reading skills, including vocabulary, spelling and word building.

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