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We have selected a list of picture books for children that are nicely written, that contain beautiful illustrations and that teach children important lessons and good morals. Many of the picture books selected here have also been chosen by the US National Education Association. If you are looking for quality literature for children ages 2-8 and ages 8-12, all of these popular children's picture books are great choices. We can sort the list of books below by age and by price.

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AAGoodnight Moon - Ages 4-8

Goodnight Moon is a book that every child should read or have read to them. This award winning children's picture book is a poem about goodnight wishes from a young rabbit.


AADr Seuss Green Eggs and Ham - Ages 4-8

A Dr Seuss classic and one of the popular children's picture books that can be read over and over again. This book is so enjoyable that it is a great way to get children to develop a love for reading.


The Polar Express is a beautiful Christmas picture book and the tale of a young boy lying awake on Chistmas Eve only to have Santa Clauss sweep by and take him on a trip with other children to the North Pole.


Charlotte's Web is one of the top children's picture books and one of the best picture books of all time. It teaches children important lessons and about sacrifice, friendship, transformation and mortality.


Clarence Goes Out West & Meets a Purple Horse is the story of a greenhorn pig called Clarence who decides to take a vacation "Out West". The book contains nice illustrations of a desert ranch and the wild west.


This picture book is a treasure. Boris is a scruffy and fearless pirate who cries when his pet parrot dies and who also finds a buried treasure. Captivating story and beautiful watercolor illustrations.


The only thing in life Gerald wants is to dance. But his legs are thing and his knees are crooked and the other jungle animals make fun of him.


This is the beautiful story of a fireman who rescues Farmer Pig's cat and all the other animals in town.


This is one of the top children's picture books and a best seller with over one million copies sold worldwide!


AAKing Bidgood's in the Bathtub - Ages 4-8

This is the funny story of various members of the Court trying to dislodge the King from his bubbly tub and battling toy ships. The oil paintings reflect the passing hours of the day.


AASilly Sally - Ages 3-7

Sally goes to town, walking backwards, upside down. On the way she meets various animals (a pig, a dog, a sheep) and by the time she gets to town she can convince anybody into almost anything.


AADoctor De Soto - Ages 4-8

Doctor De Soto is a well-respected mouse dentist. De Soto accepts anyone except for cats and other "dangerous animals" as stated on his sign. But one day he accepts a miserable fox begging for treatment.


ZZWhat Pete Ate - Ages 4-12

Pete is a dog that eats almost anything: an accordion, an eggbeater, a glue stick. But Pete's mistress can't help loving him. This exquisite picture book is rich with beautiful gouache paintings.


AABig Red Barn - Ages 2-6

Big Red Barn is probably one of the best farm book around. Children get to see farm animals and a barn, how the animals eat in the meadow and interact with each other.


AAGood Dog Carl - Ages 4-8

Good Dog Carl is the captivating story of a dog called Carl and a baby left alone in the house with the dog. This is one of the popular children's picture books with hundreds of copies sold worldwide.


ZZTreasury of Horses - Ages 9-12

This books is about the relationship between a horse and a person and how a horse can change a person's life. Written By Marguerite Henry who is considered to have written the greatest horse tales ever told.


ZZBabe: The Gallant Pig - Ages 6-9

This is one of the award-winning children's picture books and the story of a pig trying to save his neck. The book contains a lot of wisdom and speaks about how we should treat other fellow human beings.


AAThe Dinosaur Alphabet Book - Ages 4-8

This is one of the animal books for children that introduces kids to the letters of the alphabet by teaching them about dinosaurs.


AAFurry Animal Alphabet Book - Ages 4-8

This animal alphabet book teaches children a great deal about animals including animals they don't usually hear of.


AABig Board Books Colors, ABC, Numbers - Ages 3-6

This alphabet book is a top seller which has sold millions of copies worldwide and introduces the concepts of letters, number and colors to younger children.


AADr Seuss Alphabet Book - Ages 4-8

This Dr Seuss book teaches children the alphabet. Each letter is featured with a beautiful illustration and text. This book is a great way to introduce a child to the letters of the alphabet.


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