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In this section we provide you with reading toddler activities ideas. Introducing books at an early age is the best way to raise a child who enjoys reading and does well in school. Studies have shown that the earlier children are exposed to reading, the better they perform in school. Reading to your child also encourages language development. It is also a great way to communicate and interact with your kid early on.

If you want to initiate your toddler to reading, reading toddler activities that involve picture books are very beneficial. Expert studies have shown that reading to your toddler increases his or her intelligence. Exploring a picture book with your toddler can increase his or her vocabulary, expand his or her imagination and create a love for reading.

Sit in a comfortable area. Hold your toddler in your lap and have him or her also hold the picture book. Choose a book that is appropriate for his age and that contains lots of images. Read the picture book, make sure that you change the tone of your voice and that you read clearly and slowly so that the toddler understands you. Do not hesitate to read the same story over and over again if your toddler likes it. Finally discuss the story with your kid. Here is the twist: you can stop in the middle of the book and ask him or her to imagine how the story will end. And then you can continue reading the book so that your child finds out the ending. This activity ignites love for reading, increases your child’s vocabulary and imagination and favors brain development.

Are you wondering which picture books you should read? provides a list of picture books especially designed for toddlers and recommended by experts in the field of children's literature (see the list below). Don't hesitate to populate your toddler's room with picture books. And read the picture books with your toddler often! We also recommend a website that can be found at that gives great reading tips to parents.

children book Clarence Goes Out West
& Meets a Purple Horse (Ages 3-6)
The story concerns a greenhorn pig called Clarence who decides to take a vacation “OUT WEST”. When he arrives he meets Smoky, a horse with a sunset-red mane and a violet coat. The duo have a blast together until Smoky tells Clarence a secret: the ranch plans to sell him. Clarence delivers his new friend and the two pals enjoy freedom together. This picture book is full of beautiful illustrations and colors, as the adventures take place in a desert ranch and the “wild west”!

children bookTough Boris (Ages 4-8) This picture book is a treasure. It’s easy to read, the story is captivating and the watercolor illustrations are beautiful. Ideal for reading toddler activities. Boris von der Borch is a scruffy and fearless pirate who cries when his pet parrot dies. Boris and his crew find a buried treasure and divide it (unevenly of course). Tough Boris is a highly entertaining of adventure that we really recommend!

children bookGiraffes Can’t Dance (Ages 3-6) The only thing in life Gerald wants is to dance. But his legs are thin and his knees are crooked and all the other animals make fun of him at the annual Jungle Dance. But eventually he gets encouragement from an unlikely sources who shows him that those who are different just need a different song. Soon Gerald is boogying to moon music! This is a poignant tale and the picture book is full beautiful, bold and bright watercolors. Perfect book for reading toddler activities.

children bookFireman Small (Ages 2-6) Firemall Small never gets a break. As soon as he pulls into the station, gets into bed and pulls the covers over his head, the alarm sounds, and he is called off to rescue someone. Young children will enjoy this story of a fireman who rescues Farmer Pig’s cat and all the other animals in town.

children bookThe Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and The Big Hungry Bear (Ages 2-4) This picture is a best seller. It sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide! We highly recommend it and your child will surely enjoy the story.

children book King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub (Ages 4-8) This is a humorous tale of various members of the Court trying to dislodge the King from his bubbly tub. In their efforts, they are drawn into it with him and battle with toy ships and warriors. We recommend this picture for the fun story and for the meticulous oil paintings with tones that reflect the passing hours of the day. You child will love this easy to read picture book full of brilliant illustrations. Another great book for reading toddler activities!

children bookSilly Sally (Ages 3-7) Silly Sally goes to town, walking backwards, upside down. On the way, she meets a silly pig. Sally and the pig are joined in their walk by a dog, a bird, a sheep, etc. When Sally and all her new animal friends get to town, Sally is able to coerce almost anybody into almost anything. A funny story with colorful double-page spreads.

children book Napping House (Ages 4-8) This is the story of a house, a nappy house, where everyone is sleeping. That includes a snoring granny, a dreaming child, a dozing dog, a snoozing cat, etc…and a wakeful flea! This is a humorous picture book, full of witty pictures with colors that reflect the passing hours of the day, is ideal for bedtime.

children bookDoctor De Soto (Ages 4-8) Doctor De Soto is a well-respected mouse-dentist who runs a practice with his wife Mrs De Soto. The De Sotos are friendly and professional with all their patients the exception being cats and “other dangerous animals” as stated on the sign outside the office. One day a miserable fox shows up begging for treatment, and the De Sotos who are tender hearted rodents agree to analyze the fox. However when the fox comes back the next day, he has mouse flavored snacks on his mind. Looking for a picture for reading toddler activities? This story and the De Sotos’ wit will surely enchant and captivate your little toddler.

children bookWhat Pete Ate (All ages) This dog named Pete eats almost everything! An accordion, an eggbeater, a glue stick! Pete’s mistress, Poppy Wise, can’t help however loving that dog. An exquisite picture book with rich gouache paintings which will enthrall your kid! Great for reading toddler activities.

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