Recreational activities for kids

Are you looking for FUN and EDUCATIONAL recreational activities ideas? offers a list of activities that help kids learn and acquire skills while having fun.

If you have ever wondered how you can spend time with your child, here you will find a list of interesting educational activity ideas. For each activity, we highlight the appropriate age range and the learning skills that your child will be developing.

A fun educational activity can go a long way in inspiring your kid and making him or her want to learn.

Ages 0-3 Activities
Activities for toddlers
Read to your toddler
Motor skills activities

Ages 3-6 Activities
Activities for preschoolers
Alphabet activities
Preschool math activities
Preschoolers' card games

Ages 7 and above activities
List of activities
Recreational activities
Reading activities
Writing activities
Science activities
Math activities
Art activities
Outdoor activities
Sports activities

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