Outdoor Recreation for Kids!

Outdoor recreation is essential for children. Experts say that a child's connection with nature is essential for his development. Studies have shown that a lack of direct contact with nature can lead to children becoming more stressed and performing poorly at school.

In a society where children spend ever more time in front of the TV or playing video games locked at home, parents should encourage their kids to spend more time outdoors.

Explore the Forest (Ages 4-5)

With this activity you will enjoy an afternoon walk with your kid in a park or in a forest. You will teach him how to name certain items from nature and initiate him to reading. This is also a great way to make your child connect with nature.

Instructions: Get a bag. Go to a park or to a forest near your house. Walk through the park and have your child collect items such as flowers, leaves, rocks, etc. Teach him how to name each object that he finds. For instance have him pronounce the word “FLOWER” if he picks a flower. Back at home, have him glue some of the items on a piece of paper and write the name of the item. For instance write "LEAVE". Hang this work in his bedroom. Be careful that your child doesn’t swallow any of the items or doesn’t hurt himself while looking for them in the forest.

Benefits: Increases your child’s vocabulary, teaches him how to read words, and connects him with nature.

children leavesYou can also get nature kits that your child can use as you explore nature together. We recommend the Backyard Explorer Kit (ages 4-8). It helps kids collect leaves, pine cones, etc, and expand their knowledge of trees. Kids will learn that all trees have leaves that belong to one of nine shapes. The guide book is full of information and beautiful illustrations. It contains activities that can be used all year long including in winter. If you want your kid to get excited about nature, we really recommend the kit and the book that goes with it!

children leavesAnother nature kit idea is the Scientific Explorer Backyard Explorer Kit (ages 4-8). It contains a microscope that children can use to analyse stuff they collect from nature. It also includes tools to build a birdfeeder and a guide with many activities. This nature kit can help also children develop a taste for science.

Some of the activities ideas on this page have been graciously submitted by visitors like yourself. If you have any outdoor activity ideas to add, take a moment and submit them here. We will review them and you'll be taking part in creating the web's ultimate resource for educational activities ideas that both parents and children can enjoy.

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