Educational Preschool Games Before Elementary School 

Between the ages of 3 to 6 years old, children learn and assimilate vast amounts of information. There are toys and preschool games that can help young children learn and acquire skills before they reach elementary school age. Sorting and stacking toys, building blocks and jigsaw puzzle games help toddlers develop not only motor skills but also problem-solving skills and even social skills (as they play with other kids).

Learning how to read and count early on is quite useful. There are reading activities that involve picture books and board books that help kids develop a love for reading. Tag books and phonics games can also motivate children to read. With magnetic letters preschoolers become exposed to the letters of the alphabet and learn to spell new words.

Educational video games and laptop computers for children can teach the alphabet, counting, time through telling time games and even foreign languages. Chore charts and calendars keep children organized.

Sports activities have a positive influence on the brain and ride on toys help children exercise, develop muscles and enhance physical coordinations skills.

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