Board Books

Board books are books designed for toddlers. They contain beautiful images and their pages are made of thick paperboard. Because they are made of thick paperboard, they are also very durable which is useful as small children tend to tear pages apart.

These books can give toddlers a love for books and reading. They usually have limited text and lots of beautiful illustrations that can keep the small child's attention.

There are many books and there are so many that it is hard to choose. Smart-kid-educational-games has selected a few books that are believed to be among the best board books that you can get. They all contain engaging illustrations and they are easy to read, meaning that they can even help toddlers acquire pre-reading skills.

kiss good night
Price: $4.99
Age: 2-6
Skill: reading
The first board book that we recommend is Kiss Good Night by Amy Hest (for ages 2-6). The illustrations are pure artwork and the story is beautiful. It is the story of Mrs Bear putting Sam to bed and what Sam (a bear cub) needs to go to bed (like a blanket, warm milk and... a kiss). A great book to read to your child before bedtime especially he or she is reluctant to go to sleep. This can also make a great baby gift.

The second book that we recommend is Chugga Chugga Choo Choo by Kevin Lewis (for ages 2-6). Children usually love trains and this is the story of a toy train and the trains long day of work (carrying freight, traveling through the countryside through mountains and valleys). The book is written like a rhyming story which children usually love. We highly recommend this book for a boy who loves to play with toy trains. chugga chugga choo choo
Price: $14.99
Age: 2-6
Skill: reading

bear snores on
Price: $16.99
Age: 3-7
Skill: reading
The third book that we recommend is called Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson (for ages 3-7). We like this book because it is easy to read, the illustrations are engaging and sure to capture the attention of a small child. A lot of different animals are involved in the story and children usually love animal stories. It is the story of a bear in a cave who wakes up to find his cave full of various animals who found refuge from the cold outside.

DK Publishing also has a series of books that are very popular. We recommend the My First Colors Board Book (ages 2-6). In this book, children learn about all the various colors. The book contains beautiful photos (not illustrations) and each page has a small text that is engaging and easy to read. DK Publishing also offers other books that are educational and that teach children not only colors but also numbers and letters. If you are looking for a birthday gift for a 2 year old, this is a great choice. DK first colors book
Price: $5.99
Age: 2-6
Skill: reading

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