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1 Ages 2-5
2 Ages 6-12
Kids sports activities are an integral part of a child's education. A child that participates in sports activities tends not only to be healthier but also to perform better in school.

It is a fact that exercising and being healthy also helps the brain function better. Ancient Greeks used to say “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. They understood that to have a healthy mind, your body also had to be healthy.

In this day and age, many children tend to eat unhealthy foods and spend a lot of time in front of the TV or playing video games. Many parents also tend to overlook kids sports activities. Yet they are essential as they lead to improved physical and mental health. What are the benefits of kids sports activities?

  • Firstly, sports help children develop better by helping them build their muscle and bone strength and enhance their coordination and motor skills.
  • Secondly, sports activities prevent children from becoming overweight. Nowadays too many children consume foods with too much fats and sugars, aren’t getting nearly enough exercise and as a result, grow to become overweight. In contrast, kids who exercise regularly, are healthier.
  • Thirdly, children who play sports are less stressed, more rested and mentally sharp. Actually studies have shown that sports activities help the brain develop and can improve a child’s skill in reading, math and memorization.
  • Finally, kids sports activities have other benefits. By playing sports such football, basketball, hockey or soccer, children develop social skills. But there is also a psychological aspect related to sports activities: they can enhance a child’s confidence level and sense of self-worth.
Which kids sports activities should you then choose for your child? It depends on his or her age and also on his personality and physical build. For example, hockey could be appropriate for a child with a lot of endurance. Also a stronger child could choose to play football.

Sports activities for ages 2-5

Sports activities for toddlers are activities that require arm and leg movement and that allow them to develop their muscles and enhance their physical coordination skills. Activities that are not structured and competitive are better. Toddler riding toys and balance bikes are great as they allow younger children to develop their legs by pushing their feet on the floor or by pedaling.

We also like basketball toys. They are fun and they help younger children acquire a sense of balance and develop their fine motor skills by shooting the ball in the basket. We also recommend baseball sets such as the TotSports T-Ball Set for children ages 1.5 to 4 years old (it includes 2 balls, a bat and a tee which adjusts to the child’s height). This set is great for arm movement and coordination and it is great fun.

Find here information and advice on the best toddler riding toys!

Basketball toys for children ages 3 to 7 including the Little Tikes basketball set.

Sports activities for ages 6-12

Kids sports activities for school age children include team sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, football and individual sports that often require more vigorous exercise such as tennis, cycling, running or swimming. Team sports can help children develop social skills and leadership qualities. Children learn cooperation and the importance of working in a team environment in order to succeed. Parents should encourage their kids to play at least in one team sports.

Football is one great team sports and one of the great kids sports activities. If your child hasn't joined a football team yet, you can get a football goal post which you can use to play football almost anywhere. Furthermore, goal post sets usually come with a football.

Softball is another great team sports. It is similar to baseball but it is easier to play. You need a smaller field to play and the ball and glove are bigger. Softball is a great way to exercise and build leg and arm muscles as it involves running around the bases, jumping to catch the ball and hitting the ball with a bat.

All Americans love baseball. Playing baseball requires a lot of skill and it also requires that you get your kid the right equipment including the helmet, the baseball bat, the gloves, cleats, etc.

Basketball is another team sports but unlike football and baseball you can play it almost anywhere. You can also just practice shooting balls. All you need is a basketball and a good basketball hoop with can have its height adjusted. You can find good basketball hoops at great prices online.

Soccer is becoming increasingly popular. It's a fun team sports which involves playing in a team, a lot of running and shooting the ball in a goal in order to score points. To play soccer you need a decent football and if possible a soccer goal. You can even get a soccer rebounder to practice shooting the ball.

Ice hockey
Ice hockey is a fast and exciting team sports which requires a lot of skill. It is one of the kids sports activities that requires a lot of endurance and it helps children build muscle strength and acquire balance as they have to skate on an ice rink. To play ice hockey you need the right equipment including a hockey stick, a puck, a helmet (with a facemask), skates and a uniform with protective pads.

Tennis is an intense sports and a great way for children to build leg and arm muscles and to develop hand-eye and body coordination. Because it is a fast sports, it also helps kids increase their alertness. Make sure that you get a good tennis racket. You can even buy a tennis net if there are no tennis courts in your area.

Ping Pong
You may not realize it but the ping pong game is one of the kids sport activities that can offer a good workout. Just like with tennis, ping pong also enhances alertness and reflexes. One advantage of ping pong is that you can play it indoors at home and another is that anybody can play.

Children love bikes and bike riding is a great way to exercise and work the leg muscles. Studies have even shown that cycling can help overweight children loose weight. Kick scooters are also becoming increasingly popular and are another great way for kids to exercise.

A football goal post in your backyard makes playing football so much more fun.

Find here information about softball and the right softball equipment for kids.

Baseball requires the right equipment including the right ball, ball, glove, helmet and cleats.

Basketball can be played almost anywhere and kids can just practice shooting baskets.

Soccer is the most popular sports around the world and is becoming increasingly popular in America.

Find here information about ice hockey including all the right equipment you need to get.

Tennis is an intense sports that helps children build up their leg and arm and develop their agility.

Ping pong helps children sweat and burn calories and can played it at home.

Kick scooters are fun, they have a handle just like bikes but with no pedals.

Children loves bikes and cycling can be a great cardio exercise and can help kids loose weight.

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