Ice Hockey for Kids

If your child has a love for ice hockey for kids, he or she should be encouraged to play. Ice hockey is an exciting sports because it is fast, it is played on an ice rink and because it is about playing as part of a team. Hockey also requires skill including skating, handling the stick, passing and shooting the puck with accuracy.

Hockey also has many benefits: it helps children build muscle strength, endurance and acquire balance and it also makes them more energetic. Keep in mind that ice hockey is a risky sports that can cause injury such as ankle sprains and broken bones. Players skate very fast, they might smash into each other and the puck can fly at very high speeds.That's why it is necessary to get the right equipment and the right training.

Younger children (ages 4-7) should practice skating on an ice rink and practice with a stick. Starting from age 8, if your kid likes ice hockey and ice skating, we encourage you to enroll him or her to a local youth hockey league or a camp.

In order to play ice hockey, you need to find an ice rink. You can play hockey all year round as hockey is becoming an all seasons sports and most rinks are open throughout the year. You also absolutely need equipment including: a puck, a stick, a helmet, skates, pads (for the elbows, shoulders) and a uniform.


hockey stick
Price: $129.99
Age: 8 and up
Skill: sports
Make sure that you get the right size hockey stick as an adult stick will be too long for a child. Hockey sticks from children range in size from 46 to 53 inches.

There are two kinds of hockey sticks that you can get. There are hockey sticks made of wood and sticks made of composite materials. We prefer sticks made of composite materials because they are lighter. That’s a reason why we recommend the Junior Ak Stick 50 Kovalchuk Lie 4 Right Grip by Warrior. The stick is very durable and light weight being made of the highest quality carbon fiber.

As for the helmet, we recommend the Bauer 4500 Helmet. It is durable and comfortable and it also has a cage. It is also easy to adjust.

Just as for the hockey stick, make sure it is the right size for your child. You can measure the circumference of your child’s head and use the table below to determine the right size helmet. You should also get a helmet with a facemask. When wearing the helmet, make sure that it doesn’t move.

Helmet sizeHead circumference (inch)
Extra Large23.75-24.75
bauer hockey helmet
Price: $89.99
Age: 8 and up
Skill: sports

bauer hockey skates
Price: $199.99
Age: 8 and up
Skill: sports
And for skates, we recommend the Bauer Vapor X5.0 Junior. Bauer manufactures reliable, comfortable, high quality skates and are commonly used by many ice hockey players. We recommend this specific model for children and we believe that they are really great value for the money.

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