Kids Softball

Kids softball is a great way for children to exercise, enhance hand-eye coordination and socialize with their teammates. Softball is similar to baseball, but easier to play and it is becoming increasingly popular in America!

Just like baseball, kids softball involves running around the bases, pitching and jumping in order to catch the ball. It offers a great cardio exercise, and helps children build muscle strength in the legs and arms.

Children as young as 5 can start playing softball. It is a great sports until kids decide to play baseball which requires more skill and which is more demanding as it is played with a heavier bat and a ball that flies faster.

Softball is very similar to baseball but it has some key differences. Some of the differences are:
  • The length of the game: baseball has 9 innings, while softball only has 7 or even 5.
  • The length of the field: a softball field is smaller about 60 feet vs. 90 feet for baseball.
  • The rules of the game are slightly different for softball.
  • The bat size: the softball bat is smaller (maximum size 34 inches vs. 42 inches for baseball).
  • The ball size: a softball is bigger 11 or 12 inches vs. 9 inches for baseball
Overall kids softball is easier to play than baseball, it requires less running around the bases (as the field is smaller), the ball is easier to catch and hit. Because it is easier, it is also more fun, that's why it is becoming increasingly popular among both children and adults (that play softball as a recreational sports).

There are two kinds of softball games: slowpitch and fastpitch softball. Slowpitch requires less skill and has more flexible rules while fastpitch softball is played in professional leagues.

The equipment that you need in order to play softball is similar to baseball: you need a helmet, a bat, a ball, a glove, softball cleats (optional) and a uniform (also optional).

Regarding the softball helmet, you can get pretty much the same helmet as in baseball. A helmet is here to protect the child's head from the fast flying ball and there is no reason for the softball helmet to be any different than the one used in baseball.

The ball however is different. It is bigger than a baseball (11 to 12 inches), it doesn't fly as far and as fast as a baseball and it is easier to hit.


Price: $99.99
Age: 8 and up
Skill: sports
The softball bat is smaller than a baseball bat and usually lighter. Players ages 8 to 12 should go for a softball bat that is 26 to 31 inches long. Teenagers ages 13 to 16 should use a bat that is 31 to 33 inches long. From 17 years old and above, bats should be 34 + inches. Professional baseball requires the bat to be made of wood. Softball doesn't have this requirement and the bat can be made of either wood, aluminium or composite materials.

Make sure that you don't buy a low quality bat as if could bend or dent easily. A softball bat for kids that we recommend is the Louisville Slugger 2012 TPS Mendoza Fastpitch Softball Bat. It is a high quality softball bat made of aluminium alloy and we believe it is really good value for the money. It also has a really good grip and it looks great!

Regarding the softball glove make sure that you get the right size, as you don't want to get a glove that is either too big or too small for your child's hand. The table below presents the right softball glove sizes per age and position (infield or outfield).

5-89-10.5 in.10-11.5 in.
8-1210.5-11.5 in.11.5-12.5 in.
12 +11.75-12.5 in.12.75-14 in.

Make sure that you get the right softball glove depending on whether your child is right or left handed. The glove is worn on the hand that doesn't throw the ball, therefore a right handed played would wear it on the left hand. So make sure you get either a right hand throw or left hand throw glove depending on whether your child is right or left handed.

We recommend the Rawlings Player Preferred Series 12 Inches Baseball Glove (both infield and outfield and for ages 8-12). The glove presented here is right handed throw but you can also choose left hand throw. It is a good quality glove, made of good quality leather, it is also very comfortable and flexible.

Other equipment that you can get but that we consider optional includes softball cleats, batting gloves and a uniform. By the way, for cleats check our baseball for kids section.

Price: $64.00
Age: 8 and up
Skill: sports

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