Writing Exercises and Activities for Kids

Writing exercises are essential for children. By getting a head start with simple activities, your child can begin to develop writing skills which will help him become successful at school and later on in life. Writing is important for your kid to express himself and to develop thinking skills.

Write a Novel! (Ages 8-9)

  • Get rough draft paper, get construction paper or card paper that can be used for a book cover, pencils of different colors, and a dictionary.
  • Ask your kid to pick a subject of interest and discuss it with him. Encourage him to brainstorm. For instance, if you have taken a walk in the forest, tell him to write ideas and words that are relevant to a story!
  • Tell your child to outline a story and decide what he wants to include or exclude from the story. For instance, what happened first? How will the story end?
  • Have your kid write the story. Encourage him to be as detailed and descriptive as possible.
  • When he has completed his draft, have him read the story. Discuss the story and make changes to it. Have also your child correct any errors using the dictionary (this will also teach him how to use the dictionary).
  • Have your child write the final version of the draft but this time make sure he writes carefully with nice letters. Invite him also to make drawing that go with the writing or pasting photographs (for instance that you took at the forest).
  • Create the book using the card paper for book cover, glue the pages together. Your child has completed his first book!
Benefits: your child practices writing and reading, increases also your child's self-esteem.

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