Smart Kids Art Activities

Kids art activities enable kids to express themselves, use their imaginations and grow through creative thinking. Art is the key to opening a child's mind and making him think outside the box. Art activities can also help kids develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Try these activities below and remember that the process of making art is more important than the end result. That's why you should let your kid think freely!

Paint a Flower (Ages 8-9)

Kids art activities are great especially on a fresh spring day! This activity will teach your kid about painting and painters. It will help her develop an interest in arts.

  • Get a a book on impressionists, a color wheel, sets of analogous colors, flowers, a vase, white drawing paper, paintbrushes tempera paints. This can also be an opportunity to take a walk in nature with your child and pick flowers that you can use for the painting.
  • Discuss Vincent van Gogh's paintings, especially the "Sunflowers" painting, his technique (get a book also on painting) and his use of analogous colors.
  • Explain to your child what still life paintings are. In the impressionist book look for other still life paintings. Discuss them with your child.
  • Put the vase on a table against a white background. Tell your kid to sketch out the flowers before starting the painting so that to obtain the correct positioning of the shapes and lines.
  • Get the tempera paints and have her paint the flowers with only 3 analogous colors on the color wheel (for instance yellow, orange and green) and to imitate Van Gogh's technique.
  • When the painting is finished, display it in her bedroom wall.

Benefits: This activity can teach your kid about impressionist art, painters and painting. It can get your kid interested in arts. It also enhances your child's creativity.

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