Fun Activities For Kids (Ages 3-6)

Fun activities for kids can help preschoolers acquire some essential skills. Preschoolers can acquire skills and have fun in the process just by participating in fun indoor and outdoor activities.

What are the essential skills that they need to acquire? Preschool kids should be able to recognize letters and look at books and magazines. They should also be able to count orally through 10 and understand certain concepts (e.g. more or less, etc).

Moreover, before they reach school age, kids should develop good habits (e.g. be organized, care for their own belongings, etc). They should also feel good about themselves and not be afraid to go to school. offers you fun activities ideas that will help your kid develop essential skills:

toddler card gamesLearn Letters With Card Games For Kids
Card games can teach kids letter recognition. Remember that letter recognition is the foundation for developing the ability to read

teaching the alphabetAlphabet Activities
Teaching the alphabet to our children is very important because the ABC's are the building blocks of language. It is important for children to begin learning the alphabet early and before they start school.

outdoor recreationRecreational Activities
Outdoor recreation is essential for children. Experts say that a child's connection to nature is necessary for his development.

preschool math activitiesMath Activities For Preschoolers
Counting is one of the most important skills children need to become proficient. Statistics show that the earlier children are taught to count, the better prepared they will be when they start school.

preschoolers busy bookIf you are looking for fun activities for kids, we recommend the Preschooler's Busy Book. It contains 365 creative games and activities that can occupy 3-6 year olds. A fabulous resource for both parents and teachers. Parents can use it to find ideas on how to spend time with their kids (with one activity for each day of the year)using things foudn around the home. The activities can stimulate kids curiosity with fun math, reading and science activities. It also provides advice on the best books for young children and plenty of resources.

big book of childrens gamesWe also recommend the Great Big Book Of Children's Games (ages 3-12). A book that parents can keep for a long time that contains indoor and outdoor activities and games for kids that help children understand the world around them. Games includes card games (for math skills), word games, an abundance of pencil and paper games and other fun games that promote healthy development. The book also contains beautiful illustrations and colorful text.

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