Disney Comics

When it comes to comic books, Disney comics are all time classics. Both adults and children can thoroughly enjoy the stories of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge McDuck, Pluto or Goofy. The stories are very entertaining, positive and funny, and they sometimes contain valuable lessons of life. Unlike some modern comic books, these comics are children friendly and they do not contain violent graphics.

We prefer the Walt Disney classics
We prefer the classic Walt Disney comic books from the 1940s-1950s (including the ones by Carl Barks and Floyd Gottfredson). Many fans would agree that they are higher quality. After all, they made Disney so popular all around the world. They also have collectible value especially if you get the Collector’s Box sets. They can make great gifts and they are a great way to make kids enjoy reading (which is always better than spending hours in front of the TV or playing video games).

Carl Barks
We recommend the Carl Barks comics (from the Carl Barks Disney library). They feature the famous characters Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck. Carl Barks invented the Uncle Scrooge character which was a pure stroke of genius! The stories are so well-written that both children and adults can thoroughly enjoy them. Uncle Scrooge is a very wealthy duck (seen swimming in his own pool of money) yet very miserly. Famous Uncle Scrooge stories include “Only a Poor Old Man” and “The Second Richest Duck”. There is also a Christmas series with beautiful Christmas stories featuring Donald Duck. If you are looking for a Christmas gift, the Disney Christmas collection is definitely a great choice.

Other classics
We also recommend the Floyd Gottfredson comics who mainly worked on the Mickey Mouse comic strips. You can get the Collector’s Box sets which are great collectibles to have especially if you and your kid enjoy Disney stories.

A more recent Disney comic books artist and writer is Don Rosa who is also considered as one of the most prominent Disney writers. He followed on Carl Barks’ work and wrote stories about Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck and other Disney characters. The comic books were published in the 1990s and just as the old Disney classics, they are considered high quality. Actually Don Rosa won many awards and is known for his highly detailed pictures.

Below you can find our selection of comics. We have included our favorite Carl Barks stories, the Disney Collector’s Box sets and the more recent Don Rosa series. By the way, you can even find rare Disney comic books online sometimes much easier than you would going to specialized shops.

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