Educational Games for Teenagers

Here you will find educational games for teenagers (ages 12-18) including games that promote literacy such as Scrabble, calculators that show step-by-step calculations, games focused on geography and history such as America Trivia, science games and posters. You will also find educational documentaries and electronic devices that can store thousands of books and a number of educational applications that encourage teenagers to read and learn. Our list also includes musical instruments and sports games and equipment including baseball bats, football goal posts and more.
apples to apples board game


Apples to Apples

Apples to Apples is an award winning word board game that is plenty of fun and one of the reading games for kids that encourages vocabulary development.

Literacy, Board games

american trivia board game


American Trivia

American Trivia teaches children about US history and contains US history and geography questions.

History, Trivia games

amazon kindle reader


Kindle Reader

Kindle readers are a great way to read books. They can store hundreds of books in their memory and thanks to the E Ink Pearl technology they have screens that look like the pages of a book.

Literacy, Electronics

TI34 texas calculator


Texas Instruments TI-34 Calculator

This scientific calculator has a large display screen that shows fractions and fraction calculations which helps students better understand fractions.

Math & Logic, Electronics

physics workshop game


Thames and Kosmos Physics Pro

With this advanced physics kit, kids study more advanced topics in physics, such as energy, oscillation, hydraulics and build a hydraulic lift and other amazing machines.

Science, Science kits

snap circuits green game

Green Alternative Energy Kit

This award winning electricity game includes a large number of projects and teaches kids about green energy including wind, solar and hydroelectric energy.

Science, Science kits

rome total war game


Rome Total War

The award winning Rome Total War video game immerses players in the ancient world setting and players learn about key historical figures and events.

History, Video games

scrabble deluxe edition


Scrabble Deluxe

Scrabble Deluxe is a durable Scrabble set with wooden letter tiles and a storage case. A great game that helps players acquire new vocabulary.

Literacy, Board games

orion telescope


Orion XT6

Astronomy magazine called it "an excellent entry-level telescope". Overall this telescope is great value for money and gives crisp images of the moon and Jupiter!

Science, Other

star theater pro


Star Theater Pro

The Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro projects stars, planets and galaxies on the wall and ceiling.

Science, Electronics

first lab duo scope


My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

This microscope is great value for money. It yields a good quality image with magnification of 40x, 100x and 400x and comes with a 50 piece accessory kit which includes slides, lens paper, a plastic test tube, a pair of forceps and more.

Science, Other

thames kosmos tk2


Thames and Kosmos Tk2 Scope

This is a powerful telescope (magnification of 400x) at an affordable price and it includes 20 accessories and a manual that teaches children how to use the telescope.

Science, Other

german knight chess set


German Knight Staunton Wooden Chess Set

This beautiful wooden chess set with an old German Knight design is ideal for playing tournament chess.

Math & Logic, Board games

USA map jigsaw

USA Map Jigsaw Puzzle

This 500 pieces puzzle represents a beautiful map of the United Satets and helps children improve their geography.

Geography, Puzzles

chemistry experiment games

Science Wiz Chemistry Plus Experiment Kit

With this chemistry experiment kit, kids become chemists, they measure the Ph of liquids, they look for protons, etc and learn about some fundamental scientific concepts.

Science, Science kits

weather station kit

4M Weather Station Kit

This weather station game includes an anemometer, a thermometer, a wind vane and rain gauge, and kids track the weather using a notebook.

Science, Science kits

snap circuits green game


Snap Circuits Junior

This award winning electricity game includes a large number of projects and introduces kids to the world of electricity and electronics.

Science, Science kits

professor noggins US history


Professor Noggin's History of the US

Professor Noggin's history of the US is a trivia game that teaches children the history of the United States.

History, Trivia games

conquest of empire game

The Conquest of the Empire

The Conquest of the Empire is a great board game that depicts the civil war in the Mediterannean during the Roman era.

History, Board games

battle cry game

Battle Cry

In this Civil War board game, players play various scenarios of the Civil War and take either the Confederate or the Union's forces side.

History, Board games

house divided game

House Divided

House Divided is in reference to Abraham Lincoln's speech. In this board game, players re-experience the Civil War.

History, Board games

command colors ancients game

Command and Colors: Ancients

Command and Colors: Ancients is an award-winning game and of the one of the best Ancient Rome board games.

History, Board games

trivial pursuit family game

Trivial Pursuit Family

Trivial Pursuit Family is a fun trivia game that can be played by the entire family that contains both easy and difficult questions so that the entire family can enjoy it.

Literacy, Board games

webster student dictionary

Webster's New World Student's Dictionary

This dictionary is designed for middle school age children and contains over 50,000 definitions, synonyms, antonyms, etymology of words, pronunciation guides and even various maps.

Literacy, Books

periodic table elements

Table of the Elements American Education Products

This standard periodic chart is large and durable and can be used either in a child's bedroom or in the classroom.

Science, Other

essential dinosaur pack

Discovery Channel Essential Dinosaur Pack

This DVD set includes over 8 hours of breathtaking dinosaur programs.

Science, DVDs

hohner child flute

Hohner Child Flute

This child flute is made of high quality wood and it produces a decent sound.

Music, Musical instruments

Barcelona beginner violin

Barcelona Child Violin

This child violin is hand-carved and made of maple wood. Overall, a good quality beginner's violin.

Music, Musical instruments

beginners acoustic guitar

Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

This is a good beginner's acoustic guitar that comes with a bag, a pick and even an e-book!

Music, Musical instruments

casio CTK 2100

Casio CTK 2100

The Casio CTK 2100 is a great beginner's piano. It has 61 keys, many functions, hundreds of tones and comes with a stand and headphones.

Music, Musical instruments

football goal post

Franklin Sports Football Goal Post

This football goal post is a great way to play football in your garden and comes with field markers, kicking tees and a small football.

Sports, Other

football goal post mylec

Mylec Football Goal Post

This 5x5.5 feet football goal post is very sturdy and comes with a football and a tee.

Sports, Other

jurassic park genesis

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

In this fun dinosaur video game, children learn about fossils and work with archaeologists.

Science, Video games

sudoku puzzle game 2

Wooden Sudoku PUzzle Board

This beautiful wooden Sudoku board is a great way to play Sudoku at home. Sudoku is a game that helps develop logical thinking skills.

Math & Logic, Board games

gamehouse sudoku video game 2

Gamehouse Sudoku

This Sudoku video game has 10 degress of difficulty and games can be printed which allows players to also play offline.

Math & Logic, Video games

history of us books

A History of US

A History of US contains 11 volumes that cover the entire history of the US.

History, Books

dk eyewitness medieval life

DK Eyewitness Medieval Life

This book is packed with information about medieval times, contains hundreds of interesting illustrations and comes with a CD and a poster.

History, Books

illustrated story middle ages

The Middle Ages: An Illustrated History

This book full of illustrations, photos, documents and maps covers 1,000 of history from the sacking of Rome to the end of the 15th century.

History, Books

dk books ancient rome

DK Eyewitness Ancient Rome

This easy to read book is full of illustrations and information about Ancient Rome. It also comes with a CD and a poster.

History, Books

tools of the ancient romans

Tools of the Ancient Romans

This book covers 1,000 years of Roman history and is focused on the technology used by the Romans and their scientific achievements.

History, Books

dk books ancient greece

DK Eyewitness Ancient Greece

This illustrated book covers Ancient Greece from the Bronze Age to the time of Alexander the Great and comes with a CD containing images.

History, Books

tools of the ancient greeks

Tools of the Ancient Greeks

This books focuses on ancient Greek inventions and incredible scientific achievements.

History, Books

dk books ancient egypt

DK Eyewitness Ancient Egypt

This educational book is filled with information and beautiful illustrations of Ancient Egypt and comes with a CD and a poster.

History, Books

ancient egypt kids book

Kids Everything Ancient Egypt

This book contains lots of fascinating facts about Ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs, the Book of the Dead and daily life back then.

History, Books

dk book civil war

DK Eyewitness Civil War

This book contains lots of information, images and interesting facts about the Civil War and comes a CD and a chart.

History, Books

when rome ruled dvd

When Rome Ruled

This 6-DVD set by National Geographic covers the birth of Rome, gladiators and events such as the Vesuvius eruption and explains how Rome grew to become a large empire.

History, DVDs

rome history channel dvd

Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire

This documentary containing 4 DVDs covers the entire history of Rome from its birth to the barbarian invasions that led to its collapse.

History, DVDs

rome hbo dvd

Rome: The Complete Series

This award-winning TV series examines the history of Rome through great performances and lavish sets which recreate life in the Roman Empire.

History, DVDs

history channel story of us

America - The Story of Us

This History Channel documentary covers US history from 1,000 years after the time of Christopher Columbus to today.

History, DVDs

dark ages dvd

The Dark Ages

This documentary starts from the fall of the Roman Empire and tells about the incredible chaos that accompanied the barbarian invasions in Europe.

History, DVDs

engineering and empire dvd

Engineering an Empire: The Complete Series

This documentary is about great civilizations such as the Mayas in Central America, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome and their engineering achievements.

History, DVDs

third reich dvd

The Third Reich: Rise & Fall

This documentary explains how the Nazis came to power in Germany, how they were defeated and contains amazing footage from the period.

History, DVDs

ken burns documentary

Ken Burns - The Civil War

This documentary is one of the best Civil War documentaries that you can get. It even won an Emmy Award.

History, DVDs

history channel civil war dvd

American Civil War

This History Channel documentary contains 15 episodes covering the Civil War and teaches about key events and battles.

History, DVDs

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