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A dictionary for kids can help children acquire vocabulary, improve their spelling and enhance their reading comprehension skills. It is designed so that it is easy to read and uses a language that is on children’s level.

A kids dictionary is a must have at home. A child that is comfortable with a dictionary will tend to do better at school. Actually dictionaries can be used to do the homework and generally as a tool for learning. For example, they can help kids write an essay or a research paper.

As they progress through school, children need more and more complex vocabulary. Dictionaries contain not only definitions and information about the origin of the word, but also synonyms and antonyms and examples of sentences to help with the definition and that children can use.

A kids dictionary can also be focused on other subjects such as math, history, geography and other subjects. For example, math dictionaries list mathematical terms and their applications. A history dictionary will be focused on different time periods and will list various terms related to different historical periods.

Don’t hesitate to show your kid how to use the dictionary and to look up definitions of words with him. A kid that learns even one definition of a word per week, will have a greatly enhanced vocabulary after one year!

webster dictionary
Price: $22.99
Age: 6 and up
Skill: vocabulary

Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary

  • Very popular kids' dictionary
  • Thousands of definitions
  • Nice images and illustrations
  • Includes various maps and more
A kids dictionary that we recommend is the Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary (ages 6 and up) by DK Publishing. It is one of the most popular kids dictionary with thousands of definitions and beautiful illustrations and photos that hold children’s attention. Each definition includes examples and interesting information about the history of the word. The dictionary also includes a reference section which contains maps of the world and of the seven continents, a list of the 50 states and their capitals, flags of the world, and a list of all the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the US. The dictionary is easy to read so as to be understood by school age children.

dictionary image
Price: $19.95
Age: 10 and up
Skill: vocabulary

Webster's New World Student's Dictionary

  • Over 50,000 definitions
  • Recommended by teachers
  • Includes maps
Another dictionary for kids that we recommend is the Webster's New World Student's Dictionary. This dictionary is designed for middle school age children (ages 10 and up). It contains over 50,000 definitions, synonyms, antonyms, etymology of words, pronunciation guides and even various maps. It is up to date and gives precise definitions (you don’t have to look for other words in the process of understanding the meaning of a word). Overall, this kids dictionary is very useful for school work and usually recommended by teachers.

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