Rome Total War

rome total war video game


•  The Rome Total War video game immerses players in the ancient world setting.
•  Players learn about key historical figures and events.
•  Award winning game including the Games Critics Awards by GameSpy.

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Rome Total War video game review

If you have to get a video game, Rome Total War (RTW) is the video game to get. Firstly, it is a fun video game with amazing 3D graphics. Secondly, players get to see what Ancient Rome was like. They also get to learn about famous historical figures such as Caesar, Hannibal, the famous slave Spartacus and historical events such as the Punic Wars. Therefore, this video game also has an educational value.

RTW is a strategy game where players have to create and rule the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire. They have to manage the economic, civil and religious affairs of the empire. Players also do some real-time combat as they conquer new lands, participate in diplomacy and wars. Therefore the game is more than just a purely strategy game.

The video game totally immerses players in the ancient world setting thanks to the incredible graphics and sound effects. The Roman cities depictions are very realistic and detailed. So are the sea and land battles (for example, players get to see city walls being demolished by Roman siege weapons). Players learn about Roman life, culture, technology, and more.

The video game is rated teen and we recommend it for kids ages 12 and up. It runs smoothly on most platforms (Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP, Windows 7,8). It won many awards including the Best Strategy Game award of E3, the Games Critics Awards by GameSpy.

There is also another edition called Barbarian Invasion where players get to learn about Rome's decline and the invasions that brought down the Western Roman Empire. We also recommend it as a follow up.

Overall, a very entertaining, exciting and educational video game. And considering the price, the game is truly great value for money. By the way, if you and your kid are interested in Ancient Rome we also recommend the Ancient Rome documentaries and the Ancient Rome books for kids.

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