Professor Noggins History Trivia Games

professor noggins us history


•  The Professor Noggins History Trivia Games are a fun way for kids to learn history.
•  Questions on American history, medieval times, ancient times, etc.
•  Simple rules, can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

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Professor Noggins History Trivia Games

Professor Noggins has a lot of fun and educational trivia games that cover a broad range of topics: science, anatomy, geography, geology, animals, sports, etc. The history trivia games are also varied: there are trivia games that cover the history of the US, medieval times, the ancient world, etc.

Professor Noggin's has won numerous awards because it is a high quality game combining educational trivia questions with the elements of a fun card game. The Professor Noggin's History of the US (ages 7 and above and for 2 or more players) encourages kids to learn about the history of the United States. The game contains a deck of cards (30 cards), 3 numbered die, with history trivia questions all focused on American history.

There are also true or false and multiple choice questions designed to make the game more entertaining. The game helps kids memorize important dates, events and people in US history. For example, who wrote the US Constitution. The questions can be either challenging or easy, which means that children don't get either too frustrated or bored.

Professor Noggins game rules

The Professor Noggin's trivia game rules are fairly simple. Players roll a die and are asked a corresponding question (there are two sets of questions: easy and hard). If they are correct they keep the card, otherwise they loose it. The player with the most cards wins.

Other Professor Noggin's history trivia games

In the Professor Noggin’s series, there is also the Professor Noggin's American Revolution and the Professor Noggin's President of the US (ages 7 and above). A great way for children to test their knowledge in the American Revolution and to memorize past US Presidents. There are games focused on the medieval times, ancient civilizations and more.

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