Scrabble Board Game

The scrabble board game is not only a fun family game, it is also a game that can boost children’s vocabulary and help them develop spelling and writing skills. Children acquire vocabulary that they do not get in everyday conversations, on television or even at school. Scrabble also encourages children to use a dictionary to look up for definitions of words. By the way, we also recommend a Scrabble dictionary

Scrabble requires concentration and problem solving skills as children create word combinations using tiles in the player’s rack. The Scrabble board game also helps children develop basic math skills as they keep scores, calculate double or triple words or double letter scores. Finally Scrabble builds social skills as players play in teams. And the more they play the Scrabble board game, the more confident children become as they improve their language and communication skills.

How is Scrabble being played? Scrabble is a word making game. It is played by 2 to 4 players and the objective of Scrabble is to score points by placing words on the game board. Each letter has a specific point value depending on the rarity of the letter. There are squares that represent multipliers that multiply the tiles value by 2 (double letter scores) or 3 (triple letter scores). There also squares that multiply the value of an entire word by 2 (double word score) or 3 (triple word score). Words must be found in a standard English dictionary. By the way, you can also get a Scrabble dictionary with words being used in the game board. Kids cannot use abbreviations or words that require an apostrophe or a hyphen or a capital letter.

scrabble junior
Price: $14.99
Age: 5-10
Skill: vocabulary

Scrabble Junior

  • Two sided board game, one side for beginners another side for advanced players.
  • In the beginners' version players match pictures with words.
  • Rules provided.
For younger children (ages 5-10), we recommend Scrabble Junior. What we like about this game is that the game board is two sided. You can flip the game board and play the more advanced game. In Scrabble Junior kids match picture words with letter tiles. It contains 101 letter tiles, 44 chips, and beginner and advanced rules. The words are short and the pictures are colorful. Kids collect chips and the player with the most chips win.

ScrabbleMania offers you a free scrabble solver that helps you find new Scrabble words.

scrabble game image
Price: $42.99
Age: 12 and up
Skill: vocabulary

Scrabble Deluxe

  • High quality Scrabble set.
  • Includes storage case with handles.
  • Board can spin and be seen from different angles.
For older children (ages 8 and up), we recommend Scrabble Deluxe. This set is more durable and better quality than the junior version. It includes wooden letter tiles and even a storage case with handles. The game board is on six soft rubber wheels so that it can spin and so that players can see the board from different angles. Definitely a great buy considering the price.

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