Periodic Chart for Kids

A periodic chart for kids can help children learn about the chemical elements and recognize their symbols which is useful if they take chemistry classes. If they don't yet take chemistry classes, a chart can get them interested in chemistry. By the way, we also recommend that you take a look at our chemistry games page for a list of fun and educational games related to chemistry.

Periodic charts can be decorative in the child's bedroom all while inspiring children to learn about chemistry and science. Some charts designed for children are more colorful and decorative. They often have an image or cartoon representing a chemical element. For example, a piece of iron ore rock for iron. A gold bar for gold. Element charts for kids also contain information about the scientist that discovered the element.

A periodic chart for kids that we recommend

There are many element charts that you can get. We recommend that you buy one that is large enough so that your child can read it from every corner of the bedroom. We also recommend element charts designed for children because they are educational, decorative and fun to look at.

If you are looking for a standard scientific chart (we recommend it for older children from around age 10), we recommend a periodic table of the elements designed by American Educational Products (click here for more information). The chart is large, which is great if you want to either have the chart in a child's bedroom or in a classroom. The chart is very good quality and looks professional and scientific.
safari periodic chart

Safari periodic chart of the elements

Safari has an elements' poster for kids that we like (for ages 5 and above, for more information click here). It is colorful, its very durable (laminated) and it also contains information about some scientists that discovered important chemical elements and other interesting facts . If your child loves science, he or she will love having an elements posters hanging on the bedroom wall.

There are also nice and decorative minerals posters that you can buy. They present images of various minerals and information (and sometimes even the symbol) of each mineral. That can also be great to have in a child's bedroom, especially if the child likes science and chemistry!

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