American History Books for Kids

American history books for kids contain beautiful illustrations and images that make learning US history fun.

We have selected a few books that we believe are very educational and that do not make history a dry school subject.

Book #1: American Story

American Story: 100 True Tales from American History (ages 8 and up) is a book about 400 years of US history told through 100 tales. For example, the beginning (the book is in chronological order) has a tale about life in the first colonies, then a tale about the Revolutionary War, then another tale about the westwards expansion and America’s industrialization in the 19th century. There are also tales about various events in the 20th century including US astronauts’ first steps on the moon.

Book #2: DK Eyewitness Civil War

DK Eyewitness Books also has American history books designed for children. The first book that we recommend is Civil War (ages 8 and up). What we like about this book is not only that it explains and provides lots of information about the Civil War and the various battles, that it is packed with beautiful images, but that it also contains a CD and chart that children can put on their bedroom wall.

Book #3: DK Eyewitness American Revolution

DK Eyewitness also has a book called American Revolution (ages 8 and up) which covers the American Revolutionary War. Here too, the book contains lots of beautiful images and explains very well the period leading the war, how life was like in colonial America, the battles and the people during this period.
history of us set

A History of US Ten Volume Set

Book #4: A History of US

Finally, if you are looking for an entire set of books covering the entire US history, we recommend A History of US (ages 10 and up). Written by a former teacher, it contains 11 volumes, it is designed for children and is literally packed with information and illustrations, covering American history from prehistory to today. It sold millions of copies and received countless positive reviews. A must have at home in our opinion.

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