Sudoku for Kids

Sudoku for kids is a fun game. It also has an educational value as it can help children develop problem solving and numeracy skills and develop their memory. Sudoku requires children to think, solve complex problems and in the process develop memorization skills. We also like the fact that the game has Japanese roots.

New Scientist wrote an article describing how kids Sudoku can make people smarter and how it can help stimulate brain activity. The article also talks about how Sudoku can increase kids’ IQ. It’s no wonder then that teachers around the world are giving Sudoku puzzles to kids as they can help children’s enhance logic skills.

What is Sudoku
What is Sudoku? Sudoku is a puzzle game consisting of numbers. It is relatively simple. Players have to fill in a nine by nine grid so that in each row, column and small 3x3 square, the digits one to nine appear only once. The grids can be of any size: 9 by 9 is the standard. There are also 16 by 16 grids for those who find 9 by 9 too easy. Smaller grids are also available for beginners. Even though the game can seem simple at first, it can actually become quite difficult. Finally, Sudoku for kids has all the elements of a good puzzle game: it is fun, exciting, it is mentally challenging and it helps children enhance their numerical skills.

The games that we recommend
There are many kind of Sudoku for kids games available. There are even kids Sudoku books and kids Sudoku video games. The most important is that you pick a game that is appropriate for your child’s age. Sudoku games can become extremely challenging. You shouldn’t pick a game that is too difficult for your kid or he will become quickly frustrated.

sudoku puzzle gameA Sudoku game that we recommend is the Wooden Sudoku Puzzle Board. It is wooden and it is beautifully manufactured (by Chess Central). The game is appropriate for younger children (as young as 3 years old). Overall, it is a beautifully crafted Sudoku game, a great family game and we believe a must have at home.

Another Sudoku Game that we recommend is the Deluxe Sudoku Board Game . It is also wooden and beautifully made. It includes a book with 100 puzzles, double-sided color counters and one velvet counter bag.

Video games
gamehouse sudokuVideo games are also a great way to play kids Sudoku. One Sudoku video game that we recommend is the Gamehouse Sudoku (made by Gamehouse). This game has 10 degrees of difficulty (can be played by both adults and children). Another feature that we like is the ability to print the games so that you can play offline. You can set it in a window or in full screen mode. It is for PC and can be played on most platforms including Windows XP and Windows 7. The game is very smooth, it plays an enjoyable tune in the background (that you can turn off at will). The graphics are nice and do not hurt the eyes. Overal, this game is great value for money.

Another Sudoku video game that we recommend is the Sudoku, Kakuro and Friends by PC Treasures. It plays all seven Japanese logic puzzles: Sudoku, Kakuro, Hitori, Nurikabe, Kuromasu, Slither Link and Sikaku. The graphics are reative and colourful. And with this video game too, you can print the puzzles and play offline.

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