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History doesn't have to be boring. With history games it can become an exciting adventure that both children and adults can enjoy. There are many games with a history focus that make learning history fun including games covering American history, board games, trivia games and video games. Books, history dictionaries and documentaries on history are also good to have at home. All these games can make kids see history for the fascinating subject that it is. You will be amazed how much a kid can learn just by playing a good history game.

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11Professor Noggin's History of the US

Professor Noggin's History of the US is a trivia game that teaches children about the history of the United States.


Professor Noggin's American Revolution

Professor Noggin's American Revolution is a trivia game that helps kids learn about the American Revolution.


11Professor Noggin's Presidents of the US

With this a fun trivia game kids memorize past US Presidents. One of our favorite history games!


11Presidents of the USA Floor Puzzle

The Melissa & Doug Presidents of the USA Floor Puzzle is a fun and easy way for children to learn about the 43 Presidents of the United States.


Settlers of America Trails to Rails

Settlers of America Trails to Rails is a fun video game that will make kids enjoy US history and the Old West!


Professor Noggin's History Trivia Games

The Professor Noggin's trivia games encourage kids to learn about various history subjects such as the ancient world, medieval times, the history of the United States, etc.



11Children's Encyclopedia of American History

This children's encyclopedia focuses on US history and is packed with information, maps, beautiful pictures and starts from 1000 A.D. to today.



A Dictionary of World History

This dictionary has over 700 pages of world history going from prehistory to modern times and contains lots of interesting history facts including key events in history.



11American Trivia Junior

This fun trivia game is one of our favorite history games and contains hundreds of questions about the history of the United States.



11Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail is a truly educational game that gives a true picture of what life was like in 19th century America.



Making History: The Calm and The Storm

This video game has amazing graphics, covers World War II and is even used in schools in America!



11The History Channel Video Games

The History Channel has quite a few history video games with good graphics covering periods such as the Civil War, medieval times or World War II.




Command and Colors: Ancients

Command and Colors: Ancients is an award-winning game and of the one of the best Ancient Rome board games.




The Conquest of the Empire

The Conquest of the Empire is a great board game that depicts the civil war in the Mediterannean during the Roman era.




Rome: Total War

In this video game, players get drawn in the Roman world. Through amazing graphics they get a depiction of historical events such as famous battles, the slave revolt lead by Spartacus, etc.




Safari Ancient Roman Set

These beautiful Roman replicas are a great way to learn about Roman history and famous Roman generals and politicians.




11Battle Cry

In this Civil War board game, players play various scenarios of the Civil War and take either the Confederate or the Union's forces side.




House Divided

House Divided is in reference to Abraham Lincoln's speech. In this board game, players re-experience the Civil War.




American Story: 100 True Tales from American History

This book covers 400 years of US history told through 100 tales.




DK Eyewitness Civil War

This book contains lots of information, images and interesting facts about the Civil War and comes with a CD and a chart.




A History of US

A History of US contains 11 volumes that cover the entire history of the US.




Ken Burns - The Civil War

This documentary is one of the best Civil War documentaries that you can get. It even won an Emmy Award.




American Civil War

This History Channel documentary contains 15 episodes covering the Civil War and teaches about key events and battles.




America - The Story of Us

This History Channel documentary covers US history from 100 years after the time of Christopher Columbus to today.




The Dark Ages

This documentary starts from the fall of the Roman Empire and tells about the incredible chaos that accompanied the barbarian invasions in Europe.




11Engineering an Empire: The Complete Series

This documentary is about great civilizations such as the Mayas in Central America, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome and their engineering achievements.




The Third Reich: Rise & Fall

This documentary explains how the Nazis came to power in Germany, how they were defeated and contains amazing footage from the period.




11DK Eyewitness Ancient Egypt

This educational book is filled with information and beautiful illustrations of Ancient Egypt and comes with a CD and a poster.




Kids Everything Ancient Egypt

This book contains lots of fascinating facts about Ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs, the Book of the Dead and daily life back then.




DK Eyewitness Ancient Greece

This illustrated book covers Ancient Greece from the Bronze Age to the time of Alexander the Great and comes with a CD containing images.




Tools of the Ancient Greeks

This book focuses on ancient Greek inventions and incredible scientific achievements.




11DK Eyewitness Ancient Rome

This easy to read book is full of illustrations and information about Ancient Rome. It also comes with a CD and a poster.




Tools of the Ancient Romans

This book covers 1,000 years of Roman history and is focused on the technology used by the Romans and their scientific achievements.




A Medieval Feast

A Medieval Feast tells the beautiful story of a lord and lady and their servants preparing the manor for the King's arrival.




DK Eyewitness Medieval Life

This book is packed with information about medieval times, contains hundreds of interesting illustrations and comes with a CD and a poster.




The Middle Ages: An Illustrated History

This book full of illustrations, photos, documents and maps covers 1,000 of history from the sacking of Rome to the end of the 15th century.




US Presidents Pocket Flash Cards

This fun flash memory game helps kids memorize US Presidents' names, interesting facts about them and their faces. One of our favorite history games!




When Rome Ruled

This 6-DVD set by National Geographic covers the birth of Rome, gladiators and events such as the Vesuvius eruption and explains how Rome grew to become a large empire.




Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire

This documentary containing 4 DVDs covers the entire history of Rome from its birth to the barbarian invasions that led to its collapse.




Rome: The Complete Series

This award-winning TV series examines the history of Rome through great performances and lavish sets which recreate life in the Roman Empire.




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