Science Games

Amazing Science Discovery! Science games are a great way for kids to develop an interest in science and learn about science subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, earth sciences or meteorology. Astronomy games inspire children to learn more about space, the solar system and the universe. With telescopes children explore the night sky, watch moon phases and observe other planets and galaxies. Chemistry sets allow kids to grow crystals, create volcanoes, split up water, see gasses expand or make their own glue. Physics games and electricity games help children understand the various forms or energy and its many sources for example by making a windmill or building a battery. With weather games, children monitor the weather, build a barometer, a weather vane or a hydrometer and learn how to make a rainbow, produce clouds or rain. With geology games children learn about minerals and the different layers of the Earth. Microscopes for kids are also great purchases and can get kids interested in science!
solar toy car

Solar Car

This car toy goes very fast, runs on solar power and shows children the wonders of solar energy.

Ages 5-8, Solar toys

solar windmill toy

Educational Solar Windmill Kit

This beautiful windmill works with a solar panel and teaches children how solar energy can be used.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Solar toys

essential dinosaur pack

Discovery Channel Essential Dinosaur Pack

This DVD set includes over 8 hours of breathtaking dinosaur programs.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, DVDs

solar system puzzle 2


Melissa & Doug Solar System Puzzle

This colorful puzzle contains 48 pieces and shows all the planets of the solar system, the sun, the moon and even the asteroid belt.

Ages 5 - 8, Puzzles

orion telescope


Orion XT6

Astronomy magazine called it "an excellent entry-level telescope". Overall this telescope is great value for money and gives crisp images of the moon and Jupiter!

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Telescopes

snap circuits green game


Snap Circuits Junior

This award winning electricity game includes a large number of projects and introduces kids to the world of electricity and electronics.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Science kits

Meades NG 70

Meade’s NG70-SM

The Meade’s NG70-SM is an affordable, easy to operate beginners telescope and it includes a beautiful instructional video and a planetarium software that teaches the night sky.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Telescopes

volcano making kit


4M Volcano Making Kit

The 4M Volcano Making Kit is one of the most popular volcano making kits in the market and can get kids interested in conducting experiments.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Science kits

crystal mining kit

4M Crystal Mining Kit

This geology game teaches about crystals and includes a display box, digging tools and a magnifier.

Ages 5-8, Science kits

jurassic park genesis

Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis

In this fun dinosaur video game, children learn about fossils and work with archaeologists.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Video games

weather station kit


4M Weather Station Kit

This weather station game includes an anemometer, a thermometer, a wind vane and rain gauge, and kids track the weather using a notebook.

Ages 8-12, Science kits

science photo cards

Creative Teaching Press Science Photo Cards

Science photo cards can inspire kids to study science subjects. These photo cards have beautiful images and discuss scientific concepts.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Card games

geocentral excavation dig

GeoCentral Excavation Dig Kit

This excavation kit for ages 5 and up teaches children about different kinds of minerals and about geology.

Ages 5-8, Science kits

jumping into electricity 3

Jumping into Electricity

With this electricity game (ages 5-10), children create static electricity, lightning bolts, learn about electricity and get interested in science.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Science kits

professor noggins dinosaurs

Professor Noggin's Dinosaurs

This fun dinosaur trivia game, helps children learn about dinosaurs and become interested in paleontology.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Trivia games

escape the museum

Escape the Museum 2

In this video game, children visit the Museum of Natural History.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Video games

DK dinosaur hunter

Dinosaur Hunter

In this dinosaur video game, children visit a museum and learn about various species of dinosaurs.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Video games

safari periodic table

Safari Periodic Table of the Elements Poster

This elements' poster for kids is colorful and contains information about famous scientists and can serve as bedroom decoration.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Posters

chemistry experiment games


Science Wiz Chemistry Plus Experiment Kit

With this chemistry experiment kit, kids become chemists, they measure the Ph of liquids, they look for protons, etc and learn about some fundamental scientific concepts.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Science kits

first lab duo scope


My First Lab Duo-Scope Microscope

This microscope is great value for money. It yields a good quality image with magnification of 40x, 100x and 400x and comes with a 50 piece accessory kit which includes slides, lens paper, a plastic test tube, a pair of forceps and more.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Microscopes

thames kosmos tk2

Thames and Kosmos Tk2 Scope

This is a powerful telescope (magnification of 400x) at an affordable price and it includes 20 accessories and a manual that teaches children how to use the telescope.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Microscopes

young scientist barometer

Young Scientist Barometer Kit

With these 3 kits in a box, children build a barometer, a rain gauge and even a thermometer and become interested in science.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Science kits

dinosaur skeleton game

Smithsonian Diggin' Up Dinosaurs

With this game, kids become paleontologists and conduct their own archeological dig by digging the skeleton of a T-Rex.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Science kits

physics workshop game

Thames and Kosmos Physics Pro

With this advanced physics kit, kids study more advanced topics in physics, such as energy, oscillation, hydraulics and build a hydraulic lift and other amazing machines.

Ages 12 & up, Science kits

thames kosmos physics


Thames and Kosmos Physics Workshop

With this physics kit, kids runs experiments, build machines such as windmills, scales and cranes, and understand basic physics concepts.

Ages 8-12, Science kits

somebody board game

Somebody Board Game

One of the best anatomy games in the market that uses a (fake) human body and organs and that can get children interested in biology and medicine.

Ages 8-12, Science kits

you build it stars

You Build It Stars and Planets

Children build a solar system and use a planetarium. The game also includes information about the planets, stars, the solar system and galaxies.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Science kits

star theater pro


Star Theater Pro

The Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro projects stars, planets and galaxies on the wall and ceiling.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Electronics

mind blowing science

Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit for Young Scientists

This chemistry set contains fun but simple experiments. It is ideal for children who want to start learning about chemistry.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Science kits

smart lab weather lab

Smart Lab You Track It Weather Lab

With this weather lab, kids track the temperature, wind, rain, etc and learn about the weather.

Ages 8-12, Science kits

national geographic dinosaur book

Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs

This National Geographic book contains stunning dinosaur illustrations and is packed with information and interesting facts about these creatures that used to roam the Earth.

Ages 5-8, Books

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