Educational Geography Games for Kids

Geography games help kids gain an interest in geography and improve their grades at school. By playing games with a geography focus, kids learn about countries and continents and become interested in the vastness and diversity of our planet. Globes can be great decoration in the child's bedroom and by rotating the globe, a child can learn to spot cities, countries and the five continents. Maps can be fun and there are map games for kids and electronic interactive maps that you can get. There are also geography books that introduce kids to maps and globes, places, regions, societies and more and that sometimes include educational CDs and videos. Geography puzzle games can be played from an early age and by putting a map puzzle together, children learn geography. Geography board games are fun and can be played for hours thereby helping kids memorize capital cities and geography facts. There are also geography flash cards and geography video games that can get kids interested in geography and the world.
leapfrog tag map


Leapfrog Tag Maps World

With this electronic interactive map kids not only learn to spot countries and cities but also about various cultures.

Ages 5-8, Electronics

USA map jigsaw


USA Map Jigsaw Puzzle

This 500 pieces puzzle represents a beautiful map of the United States and helps children improve their geography.

Ages 8-12, Puzzles

brainquest around the world

Brain Quest Around the World

In this fun board game, players explore the world, answer questions about cities and countries and learn in the process.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Board games

name that country game 2


Name that Country Game

This board game starts at the post office. Players have to twirl a spinner and answer questions about countries in order to move forward. In our top selling Christmas gifts list!

Ages 8-12, Board games

out of the box board game


Out of the Box USA

In Out of the Box USA, players travel around the USA by jet, car and on foot and learn about the geography of the United States.

Ages 8-12, Board games

carmen san diego

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

In this video game, players go around the world after Sandiego and learn interesting facts about countries and cities in the process.

Ages 8-12, Video games

kids geography book

The Geography Book

This excellent book teaches about maps, the various kinds of maps and the information that they provide. It also contains many engaging activities such as mapping a neighborhood.

Ages 8-12, Books

childs introduction world

A Child's Introduction to the World

This best-selling book contains lots of beautiful illustrations and tells kids about countries and cultures around the world. It also teaches them about terminology used in geography.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Books

geosafari talking globe


Geosafari Talking Globe

This interactive globe asks questions asks thousands of geography questions that kids have to answer by looking at the globe.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Globes

shape practice map

Practice Maps

Shape Etc provides practice maps with 30 sheets per package unlabeled that children can use to practice their geography.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Maps

eeboo childrens world map

eeBoo Children's World Map

This beautiful world map can also serve as beautiful decoration in a child's bedroom.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Maps

melissa doug usa map

Melissa & Doug Wooden USA Map

By putting this puzzle together, children learn about the geography of the United States and facts about each state.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Puzzles

world geo puzzle


World GeoPuzzle

GEO Toys has fun geography games puzzles covering the American, Asian and European continents.

Ages 5-8, Puzzles

world map jigsaw


World Map Jigsaw Puzzle

This beautiful 500 pieces world map puzzle measures 24" by 36" and shows the names of countries, continents, oceans and the north and south poles.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Puzzles

melissa and doug world map


Melissa and Doug World Map Puzzle

This world puzzle is two feet by three feet and contains 33 pieces which are jumbo sized, thick and sturdy.

Ages 5-8, Puzzles

scrambled states of america


Scrambled States Of America

The Scrambled States of America book is a fun story about US states swapping places so they can see another part of the country.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Books

scrambled states


Scrambled States Game

The 50 States Game a.k.a the Scrambled States Game is a fun geography board game focused on US geography where kids learn about US states and capitals.

Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Board games

eeboo map

Eeboo World Map

The Eeboo world map is a beautiful jumbo size children's map.

Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 & up, Board games

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