Globes For Kids

Globes for kids are a great way to learn geography and they can serve as nice decoration at home, on a desk or in a child's bedroom. There are many types of globes, some have a classic style and are made of wood. Most are entirely made of plastic. There are also lamp globes that have a light inside that can lighten up and that can be used at night. By the way, if you are looking for a light that is not too bright for your child's bedroom, why not buy lamp globes? There are also inflatable globes that are very cheap and that children enjoy.

Great decoration in the bedroom

Children usually love a globe in their bedroom which get them really excited. The added benefit is that with a globe, they can learn about countries, continents and cities as they spend time rotating it. Globes truly have an educational value and they can prepare kids for geography class. Furthermore, younger children can practice their reading skills as they learn how to read the names of continents, oceans, mountains or countries.

We recommend that you buy a globe starting from $40 and up. Cheaper globes can break more easily and since children will spend hours spinning the Earth, it is better to get a higher quality, more expensive product. Do not forget that it is a good investment. It is not only a nice item to have as decoration, but it can also educate your child and help him or her learn about various places in the world, cities, continents, oceans, mountains, etc. And more importantly, overtime they will learn to locate places and they will be able to memorize every capital city in the United States or country in continents such as Europe.

Recommended globes

geosafari talking globe

Geosafari Talking Globe

You can easily buy globes for kids at any department store. You can also order them online at discount prices. One brand that we like is Replogle. Replogle globes are relatively cheap and they are good quality. They contain thousands of names of locations. They are also quite accurate. Borders are clearly marked and longitudes and latitudes are also shown.

There are Replogle globes made of plastic that are really cheap. They are also globes that are more expensive and that have a more classic style being made of high quality wood and various metals such as cooper. They can actually serve as beautiful furniture in an office or in the living room. It is worth mentioning that they all are quite easy to assemble.

Another globe that we like is the Geosafari Globe (for ages 8 and up) by Educational Insights. It is an interactive talking globe which asks questions (over 10,000 questions) that children have to answer by rotating and looking at the globe.

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