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leapfrog interactive world map
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With the Leapfrog interactive world map, kids memorize countries, states and cities.

Interactive map that introduces kids to the various cultures in the world.

The map is double-sided: one side political and other side topographical map.

The Leapfrog Interactive World Map is more than a world map, it is an interactive world map! It is a great way to teach kids geography and to introduce them to the world. Kids click on the map (there are over 300 touch points) and hear information about foreign countries and cultures.

For example, they hear fun facts about countries, what people in Asia and the Middle East eat, how you say “hello” in other countries, etc. Therefore, with this interactive map, kids not only learn to identify countries but they also get introduced to foreign cultures and languages.

The Leapfrog Interactive World Map is double-sided

The map is very large and double-sided: one side is a political map that delineates countries and continents, the other side is a topographical map where kids get to see where the mountains and plains are. There are also over 30 learning activities and games provided that help children improve their knowledge of geography and their maps skills. For example, there are games where kids have to search for specific countries on the map. There are also interactive activities where for example children learn about how to read a map.

What we also like about the Leapfrog Interactive World Map is that it is quite durable. You have to make sure that you get the Tag or the LeapReader Reading & Writing System as they are not included and as the map won’t work without these. You can get them for a very reasonable price. Overall, this product is great value for money considering the fact that it is more than a real map and that you can hang it on a bedroom wall.

By the way, we also recommend that you get a globe and a world map puzzle. These are two other great ways to introduce children to world geography. For older children (ages 8 and above), there are geography board games such as the 10 Days Out of the USA and the Name That Country Game.

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