Logic and Math Games for Kids:
When Kids Become Good At Math

Logic games and math games for kids can help children improve their math scores, develop problem-solving skills and critical reasoning. Logic puzzle games such as Sudoku and Kakuro are fun and they can sharpen logical thinking. By the way, we also recommend a website called Sudoku Essentials if you are looking for more information and advice on sudoku for kids. Chess and tic-tac-toe are two other games based on logic that help sharpen the mind. There are board games that get younger children counting such as Chutes and Ladders, Trouble or the Sorry board game. Counting money games such as Monopoly and money toys also involve counting and get kids practicing their math skills. Card games such as Old Maid, Go Fish, Spoons and Snap and dice games such as Yahtzee and Farkle are lots of fun and by playing them kids practice mental math. There are also the fraction calculator and pizza games that teach kids about fractions.
math 24 game

Math 24

With Math 24 (ages 7-9) students practice basic mathematics facts, mental math and develop problem solving skills.

Card games, Ages 8-12

classic wooden abacus

Melissa & Doug Classic Wooden Abacus

This abacus has ten beads and wires and can be used by children to count up to 100, add and subtract numbers.

Other games, Ages 3-5

chess for kids book

Chess for Kids

Chess for kids is a book that teaches beginners how to play chess including essential techniques and attack and defense strategies.

Books, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 and up

wood chess set


Classic Wood Chess Set

This is a beautiful chess set made of wood and of very good quality. A great set to have at home.

Board games, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 and up

no stress chess set


No Stress Chess

No Stress Chess is more than a chess set. It teaches beginners how to play chess through illustrated cards that are used throughout the game.

Board games, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 and up

chess video game


Learn to Play Chess

In this fun arcade style video game, players explore a kingdom and learn the basics of chess.

Video games, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 and up

sudoku puzzle game 2

Wooden Sudoku Puzzle Board

This beautiful wooden Sudoku board is a great way to play Sudoku at home. Sudoku is a game that helps develop logical thinking skills.

Board games, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 and up

gamehouse sudoku video game 2

Gamehouse Sudoku

This Sudoku video game has 10 degress of difficulty and games can be printed which allows players to also play offline.

Video games, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 and up

tic tac toe melissa


Melissa & Doug Tic Tac Toe Board Game

Tic Tac Toe is a fun game that requires simple math skills and logic. This board game has a nice old time look and contains an instruction booklet that teaches the basics of the game.

Board games, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12

roll tic tac toe

Roll-it Tic Tac Toe Board Game

This board game consists in the game of tic tac toe plus a dice which adds a new twist to the game! Teachers have been using it to teach basic math and problem solving skills.

Dice games, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 and up

pizza math board game

Pizza Fraction Fun Game

In this game, kids play with very realistic pizza slices, build various pizzas and learn about fractions in the process.

Board games, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12

see and solve calculator

See N Solve Calculator

This calculator is more than a calculator. It teaches students about fractions and how to solve fractions by showing all the calculations on the large screen.

Electronics, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 and up

TI34 texas calculator

Texas Instruments TI-34 Calculator

This scientific calculator has a large display screen that shows fractions and fraction calculations which helps students better understand fractions.

Electronics, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 and up

toy cash register


Toy Cash Register

Children love cash registers and this one teaches not only money skills but also math and number skills.

Electronics, Ages 3-5, Ages 5-8

pizza math board game

Pizza Math Game

This fun pizza game gets children counting and adding numbers by playing with pizza slices.

Board games, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12

yahtzee game

Yahtzee Dice Game

Yahtzee is a fun dice game based on strategy and luck that gets kids counting, adding and subtracting numbers very fast.

Board games, Ages 8-12

farkle dice rolling game

Farkle The Classic Dice-Rolling, Risk Taking Game

The Farkle dice game is a very popular dice game. This version comes with score pads and instructions.

Dice games, Ages 8-12, Ages 12 and up

melissa doug play money set

Melissa & Doug's Play Money Set

Children have tons of fun with this money set and its wooden cash drawer. They practice counting money, adding and subtracting numbers.

Money games, Ages 3-5, Ages 5-8

buy it right board game


Buy It Right Shopping Game

The award winning Buy It Right Shopping Game (ages 6-9) is a really fun shopping game in which players buy and sell items. The game uses a calculator and paper bills.

Money games, Ages 5-8

money bags a coin value game


Money Bags A Coin Value Game

In Money Bags A Coin Value Game kids get involved in business transactions as they move along a path and count (add and subtract) their money!

Money games, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12

old maid game


Eeboo Old Maid

Old Maid is an entertaining card game that can be played by young children and that helps them recognize written numbers and letters.

Card games, Ages 5-8

go fish game


Go Fish Card Game

Go Fish is a classic card game that helps players work on their memory as they have to memorize cards. It is also a game that requires a lot of concentration.

Card games, Ages 3-5 Ages 5-8

spoons card game 2

The Spoons

The Spoons is a fast-paced matching game played with an ordinary pack of playing cards and several kitchen spoons which requires kids to stay focused and have a sharp mind.

Card games, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12

snakes and ladders

Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders is a perfect first board game and a classic counting game.

Board games, Ages 5-8

children board games


Trouble is a really fun board game that uses a pop-o-matic dice and a clear globe and that requires counting, strategy and luck!

Board games, Ages 5-8

sorry board game 2


The Sorry board game is a fun family game that involves a lot of counting. The game is designed for children ages 6 and above.

Board games, Ages 5-8

monopoly junior edition

Monopoly Junior Edition

Monopoly Junior is a really fun board game that uses a smaller board, smaller denominations of money (between 1 and 5 dollars) and fewer rules so that it is easy to understand and play.

Board games, Ages 5-8, Ages 8-12

math adventure mias

Mia's Math Adventure

This video game has amazing graphics and animation and also teaches addition, subtraction, fractions, geometry and equations.

Video games, Ages 5-8

reader rabbit math

Reader Rabbit Math Adventure

Kids explore Pirate island with Reader Rabbit and participate in activities that teach them adding, subtracting and fractions.

Video games, Ages 5-8

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