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Practice counting with counting money games

Children are naturally motivated to learn how to count money. Playing counting money games is a great way for kids to practice their counting all while having fun! Kids can play counting money games in daily life. It can start with a piggy bank that the child (from preschool age) can use to collect coins and bills and count money. He or she can keep a record of each time a deposit to the piggy bank is made and calculate how much money there is in the piggy bank. Kids usually love piggy banks and we recommend that you get one!

Going to the grocery store can also be a great opportunity for kids to handle money. They can count the change or even pay for a small purchase like a candy. By adding and subtracting money, they enhance their basic math skills. Another real life money game is using real money and have kids divide the coins into dimes, nickels, pennies and quarters and count how many of each coin there is. You can also ask your kids to count how many more quarters there are than nickels.

There many kinds of money games that can help children count, add and subtract numbers and work out change. We recommend the Monopoly board game and cash registers games.

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There are also two really fun and educational money board games by Learning Resources that we really like: Money Bags A Coin Value Game and popular the Buy It Right Shopping Game. In the Money Bags A Coin Value Game (ages 5 and above) kids earn money while winding along a path. They can land on a square with a chore or a business transaction (for example set a lemonade stand for 15 cents) and they use a spinner to determine which coins cannot be taken from the bank. The player with the most money wins. In this game kids practice their counting and basic math skills (adding and subtracting), and they also have to use critical thinking and coin combining skills. This game is also really easy to play which is ideal for younger children.

game buy it right

Buy It Right Shopping Game

In the Buy It Right Shopping Game (ages 6-9, for 2 to 4 players), kids learn the recognize money, add and make correct change as they buy and sell items. The game includes a calculator, 40 paper bills and 100 plastic coins. This counting money game also won many awards including the Oppenheim Gold Seal of Approval and the NAPPA Honors Award. It is one of the money board games that is suited for kids that need a little help with maths.

By the way, money board games can also help kids understand the value of money and the importance of saving. And teaching kids to become good savers is a skill set that they will use throughout their lives.

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