Astronomy Games for Kids

Solar system games

Astronomy games for kids can help children gain an interest in astronomy and science. There are astronomy games that can teach kids about the solar system and interesting facts about the planets. These games also teach about the stars, constellations and our universe.


Telescopes are also great to have at home and there are telescopes that are relatively affordable. Once you and your kid have acquired enough knowledge on astronomy and how to observe the night sky (for example, you have learned to recognize the constellations), you can utilize this knowledge and spend time together with a telescope.

There are books such as A Child's Introduction to the Night Sky for ages 8 and above that teach about astronomy and that can be used in conjunction with a telescope. This book contains lots of beautiful pictures and illustrations and is packed with information including definitions, interesting facts, information about famous scientists, the history of space exploration and much more. It also includes sky maps and a star finder that helps find stars and planets in the sky. It also contains glow-in-the-dark stickers that can be put on the ceiling.

uncle milton star theatre pro
Uncle Milton Star
Theatre Pro

Home planetariums

Home planetariums such as the Uncle Milton Star Theatre Pro (for ages 6 and above) that project stars, planets and galaxies on the wall and ceiling. Kids get to admire the immensity of the universe, the galaxies and they recognize constellations. This projector comes with two discs: one disc contains 10,000 stars and the other disc projects the Earth, the Moon and the Sun.

There are also more basic and cheaper planetariums such as the You Build It Stars and Planets in which kids build a solar system and also use a planetarium. This game also includes a useful star chart that can be used with a telescope. There is also a game called the Interactive Planetarium with Space Gallery by Scientific Toys (for ages 5 and above). It is an interactive game where kids learn about the planets, the sun and interesting facts about the solar system. Kids see images of planets or moons or of the sun and a voice tells them about each planet being shown (information such as size compared with the size of planet Earth, gravity, temperature, number of moons).

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