Crystal growing kits

With crystal science kits, children grow crystals and become interested in chemistry and science. Growing a crystal can be a fascinating experience for a child. There is nothing like mixing various elements and watching a crystal grow. Growing a crystal is actually similar to conducting a chemistry experiment. That's why we recommend you start with growing crystal kits before moving to chemistry experiments kits.

With crystal growing sets, children learn about crystals, their composition and their various properties. They also learn about various types of crystals as the sets usually allow them to grow not only one but many types of crystals, smaller as well as larger ones. When choosing a crystal experiment kit, make sure that you get one that actually works and grows crystals as sometimes some kits do not work or grow only tiny crystals. We have selected two kits that do work and that we believe are among the best that you can get.

Two recommended crystal growing kits

crystal kit
Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Kit
The first crystal science kit that we recommend is the Thames & Kosmos Crystal Growing Kit. We recommend this one because it has sold over one million kits worldwide and it is one of the crystal experiment kits that actually works. With this kit, kids grow many kinds of crystals (from smaller to giant ones) and conduct various experiments with light. A manual is provided that explains in detail how to conduct the experiments and what the various crystals are made of along with their structure and properties. We also like the treasure chest provided where kids can store and display their crystals. The only negative here is that this set is designed for older children (ages 12-15) as the experiments can get a little complicated for younger children.

The other set that we like is the Scientific Explorer Ultimate Crystal Growing Kit (ages 9-15). This is another one that also works and that allows you to grow different crystals of various sizes (even glow in the dark crystals). We also like that fact that it contains many educational activities with a manual provided that explains each activity and that teaches about crystals and even their modern applications. We also like the goggles provided for safety. On the negatives, some activities take a long time (a few days even) so be aware and check how much time each activity takes.

By the way, noth these kits are great birthday or christmas gifts and can get children excited and interested in learning about chemistry.

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