History Trivia Games

History trivia games are fun and they can encourage children to learn about various history subjects such as the history of the ancient world, medieval times, the history of the US, etc.

The games usually contain a deck of cards and history trivia questions. The questions can also be in the form of true or false or multiple form. Players use numbered die in order to play the history quiz game which means that some luck is involved which makes playing the game more fun.

There are history trivia questions for all levels, with easy and hard questions. Make sure that the game that you choose is not too difficult so that it doesn't become too challenging for your child. Older children and adults can play with harder questions which enhances their knowledge and keeps them interested and wanting to learn more.
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Professor Noggins History Trivia Games

Our favorite history quiz game is Professor Noggin's. Professor Noggin's has won numerous awards. It is a fun, high quality game. You will be amazed how by playing this game, children are able memorize so many different historical events and many important dates in history. This can actually be very beneficial as it can help them get better grades at school as they attend history classes.

Another great aspect of the Professor Noggin's is that it can keep kids interested in history and in acquiring more general knowledge (because the more they know, the better they get at the game). Actually children love to show their knowledge and acquire a sense of pride and self confidence when they are able to answer many questions on history subjects.

Professor Noggins covers many historical periods including prehistory, the ancient times (for example, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece), medieval times, the history of the US, the Civil War, the American Revolution, the history of art, even the history of Canada (great if you are Canadian).

The game include 3 numbered die and 30 cards. The questions can be easy or hard, great for beginners and great also for children that have a greater knowledge of history that they can use and display. Both adults and children can actually have fun playing this game. The game can be played by 2 or more places and from ages 7 and above.

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