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In this history games guide, you will find a list of games that make learning history fun and exciting. History doesn't have to be dull and boring. There are games that can spark children's interest in all things related to the past. For example, fun board games that can teach kids history facts such as: the dates of the start and end of the American Civil War, the year when America gained its independence, the period when the Great Pyramids of Giza were built and much more. There are all kinds of trivia games that cover many periods in history. For example, the Professor Noggin's trivia games have games on ancient Egypt, American history, medieval times, etc.
american trivia

American Trivia Junior

American history

American history games can teach kids lots of facts about American history including the American Revolution, the Civil War, US Presidents, etc. For example, kids can learn about US Presidents with US Presidents flash cards or by playing puzzle games. There are also fun board games related to the Civil War where kids can re-live the events of the Civil War and for example learn how the North was opposed to the Confederate South. Another great way to learn American history facts all while having fun is by playing US history trivia games such as American Trivia (ages 9 and up). There are also American history books for kids and documentaries that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Ancient history games

There are many games with ancient history themes that can teach about ancient Rome such as board games like The Conquest of the Empire (ages 6 and up). There are also video games such as Rome: Total War which are a great way to get immersed in the ancient world setting as they usually come with amazing graphics and realistic Roman cities depictions!

Books designed for children often include posters and CDs. There are books on ancient Rome, ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. We also recommend ancient Rome documentaries that the whole family can enjoy.

History books, dictionaries, documentaries and video games

There are history books and dictionaries that are designed for children and that are full of interesting history facts and engaging images. Documentaries such as the history channel documentaries are also great to have at home. There are also a number of video games with historical themes that we recommend.
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