Rome History Channel Documentary

rome history channel


•  The Rome History Channel documentary covers the entire history of ancient Rome.
•  The set contains 4 DVDs.

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Rome History Channel documentary review

What we like about Rome: Rise and Fall of an Empire is that it covers the history of Ancient Rome from the beginning (when Rome was just a small empire) to the end (when Rome faced barbarian invasions from the North and eventually collapsed). This DVD set contains four DVDs that cover historical figures such as Spartacus or Caesar or events such as the invasion of Britain and the Dacian Wars. The documentary reenacts battle scenes with breathtaking images. It also contains a bonus documentary that describes barbarian technology (weapons and technology used by barbarians to fight Rome).

Skills developed: learning Roman history

By watching this captivating documentary, children learn about the entire history of ancient Rome including the barbarian invasions of the 5th century.

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