Thames and Kosmos Physics Workshop kit 

physics workshop kit


•  With this physics workshop kit, kids build machines and conduct different physics experiments.
•  Kids learn basic mechanical physics and equations taught at school.
•  Award-winning toy.

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Thames and Kosmos Physics Workshop kit review

Thames and Kosmos has kits where kids build machines such as a windmill, a scale, a crane, a pendulum clock, etc and conduct various fun physics experiments. Kids experiment with levers, gears, pulleys, wheels and axles. By building the machines and conducting these experiments, they learn basic physics concepts in the process.

We believe that a physics kit is what children move on to after having played for years with Lego building blocks, noting that Lego blocks can get quite complicated. The difference being that with a physics kit, kids learn about basic physics principles.

What we like about this set is that it includes a experiment manual with nice images which guides kids through all the experiments. The manual also helps kids understand basic principles in mechanical physics and different physics equations that kids also learn at school. Therefore, this kit truly has an educational benefit.

We recommend that parents read the manual and participate in the experiments so that they can assist kids at the beginning. It is worth pointing out that even though the experiments should not be too complicated, building the machines is not always very straightforward. Thames and Kosmos does a great job explaing all the physics concepts but a not so good one explaining how to build the machines, especially the more complicated ones. Not to say that it is a very difficult, but just that a parent / educator should help at the beginning.

By the way, Thames and Kosmos has more advanced physics kits such as the Thames and Kosmos Physics Pro. Here kids learn about more advanced topics such as aerodynamics, solar energy, hydraulics, oscillation, etc. For example, they learn how solar energy can be turned into energy or how a plane flies. These kits are recommended for ages 12 and older however as they can get too complicated for younger ages.

Overall this physics set is a great way to develop an interest in physics, engineering and science in general and learn about basic mechanical physics.

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