What Should The Parent Involvement Be?
"What cannot be accomplished at school
can be accomplished at home!"

Expert studies show that parent involvement in a child's education is vital. What cannot be accomplished at school can be accomplished at home. For instance, parents can foster a love of learning in the child or even trigger a passion.

First and foremost, parents can be teachers at home. They can help with the schoolwork and monitor the child's progress. For instance, it is important for parents to check the child's grades. And when the child gets a good grade, not to forget to congratulate him.

Boost Your Child's Confidence!

Children need encouragement. A child with high self-esteem is more likely to succeed at school and in life. Do you remember when you were a kid? The good students were the ones with the highest confidence, raising their hand in the classroom, taking the lead in a project. This self confidence is usually gotten at home, not at school, with parents that boost their children's self-image.

That's why parent involvement plays a key role. On the other hand, children with a confidence problem usually have parents that do little to raise their sense of self worth.

Children also need support when they're facing a difficulty. If your child has a bad grade in a specific subject, you need to discuss it with him. A bad grade can do a lot to chatter all that confidence that your child has acquired.

Explain to him that every difficulty is just a challenge and that every challenge is actually an opportunity. For instance, you can tell him a story about some of humanity's greatest achievements. Every difficulty, every roadblock your child encounters is an opportunity to achieve something great and to become better and smarter. This is a philosophy that he can keep for life.

Provide him with all help that he can get and all the tools necessary to surpass every challenge. Maybe private lessons are necessary. And study with him until both you and him understand and master a concept in school. Always be with your kid.

Trigger a Passion!

As a parent you also can generate enthusiasm for learning in your child and make him enjoy school more. Often bad grades are due to boredom and a lack of interest in a specific subject. But also lack of parent involvement. Try to generate enthusiasm. For instance, if your child has difficulty with a science or a history class tell him about astronauts and space travel. Buy him a history book designed for children or watch a documentary with him. A visit to the museum can also generate interest in science or history.

Of course, there are also educational games that can ignite passion for learning in your child.

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