Jeopardy Games

Jeopardy games are based on the popular American TV show Jeopardy! They feature trivia questions on history, the arts, literature, science, geography, sports and many other topics. The show enjoyed decades of success in the US and many other countries. It is therefore a fun game and it is also educational! That is why we include it in our list of recommended trivia games.

How Jeopardy is being played
In the classic Jeopardy game, players are being presented with clues in the form of answers and players have to phrase questions that relate to these answers. For example, answer: 5,280. Question: how many feet in a mile? This was actually one of the first inventor’s answer-question ideas. The game usually contains clues (typically five clues in each category for one question) that are like riddles. The game also includes “daily doubles” which allows players to bet more money and make the game more exciting.

Why we recommend it
Jeopardy is a great group or family game. It is also highly enjoyable and it can make learning fun. The trivia questions are mainly educational and cover a range of topics (math, science, geography, history etc). Players do not realize that they are learning in the process. Therefore, the game is a great way to reinforce school subjects . There are also different levels of the game available (usually starting from third grade, etc).

jeopardy cartoonAmong all the Jeopardy games that you can find, we recommend Jeopardy by Pressman Toy (ages 8 and above). This board game is based on the popular TV show and it is played almost like in the real game. It is designed for 3 to 5 players and includes many categories (30 categories) including history, literature, geography, etc. It contains a game console, 35 game sheets, play money, die, value display cards, instructions and a question booklet. You can also play against the computer. On the screen of the console you will see a small version of the screen from the TV show. The screen includes the category number and dollar amounts under the category. You are given a number and you have to look up the question in the booklet corresponding to the number. You read the question and the three answer options and you buzz if you know the answer and hit either A, B or C. If you are correct, you win the money, if you are wrong you lose it all.

The only drawback of this game is that you have to use the booklet while questions could have been directly displayed on the screen. However, taking into account the price of the game (less than 20 dollars), we consider that it is only a small drawback especially if you play it at home and everybody gathers around a table. Besides the questions contain interesting facts and the sound effects using the buzz button are great!

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