Dinosaur Puzzle Game

dinosaur puzzle game


•  With this dinosaur puzzle game, kids learn about dinos.
•  The puzzle introduces children to 13 dinosaurs.
•  Realistic looking dinos and detailed illustration.
•  Very good quality.

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Melissa and Doug dinosaur puzzle game review

This beautiful dinosaur puzzle introduces younger children to dinosaurs. As they work on the puzzle, children develop both motor and problem-solving skills, and gain confidence.

The large puzzle pieces are designed for children ages 2-6: they are thick and durable (which means they can be kept for many years and for the next generations) and they are made for little hands.

What we really like about this puzzle is that it introduces children to dinosaurs. The dinosaur illustration shows many realistic looking dinos (we count thirteen) and it is actually very detailed. As they assemble the puzzle, for example as they match colors or a green neck with a green head, they learn about the various dinos.

Children get to see how huge dinosaurs were and they can also learn to recognize them. There are green dinos, there are brown dinos, smaller or very big dinos. Eventually children will be wanting to learn the names of the dinosaurs.

Another positive aspect of this puzzle is its size. It is a large floor puzzle at 4 feet long. Once completed, children can admire it and learn about these extinct creatures. The finished puzzle is so beautiful that it can make a nice wall hanging for a child's bedroom.

By the way, we also recommend the Melissa and Doug Solar System Puzzle and the Discovery Channel Dinosaur Pack a great DVD about dinosaurs.

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